In 1997, X-Men: The Ravages Of Apocalypse hit stores. The game was a Marvel-sanctioned total conversion of the bloody first-person shooter Quake. You played as a cyborg Magneto built to kill Apocalypse's army of X-Men clones. Eat rocket launcher, bub!

The conversion was made by Zero Gravity Entertainment and published by WizardWorks Software. It had two levels and pitted the player against 12 evil clones of the X-Men. This was the mid-90s, mind you, so players battled mutants like Cannonball and Bishop wearing sweet spandex and shoulder pads. The game didn't skimp on the gore โ€” blood did indeed spurt out when you shot bone claw Wolverine in the head. As you'll see in the clip above, the spectacle of mowing down the X-Men with a shotgun is pretty darn perverse. I'm not sure why Marvel would approve of a game that encouraged the wholesale slaughter of their most profitable superheroes.


The game's bosses included Apocalypse and Mr. Sinister, but after mowing down clone after clone of Iceman and Storm, I bet killing the real bad guys had zero pizazz.

[Via Zero Gravity Entertainment and Moby Games. Thanks for the tip, Andreas!]