This Week's TV: Your One Chance To Watch Bryan Fuller's Lunar Adventure

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Hannibal creator Bryan Fuller also adapted a classic novel of extraterrestrial discovery for television — and tonight, we'll get our one and only chance to see High Moon. But also, two incredibly weird comedians are bringing you a new spin on the Twilight Zone. And that's not all television has in store for you this week!


Top image: High Moon.


High Moon (9 PM, Syfy):

This "TV movie" is actually the pilot for a series, based on the novel The Lotus Caves by John Christopher. Produced by Bryan Fuller (Hannibal), this show takes place in a future where the human race has settled the Moon and is mining it for resources... and then we discover a new life form on our planet's only satellite. And all heck breaks loose. And apparently it includes "a Russian-speaking bisexual double agent robot spy." You can watch the first few minutes above... and feel sad that this won't be an ongoing series.


Under the Dome (10 PM, CBS)

The Dome has turned dark and then white, it's gotten magnetized, it's caused a plague of insects and a rain of acid blood, and it's created an artificial winter... what's left? Oh yeah. Shrinking. This time around, the Dome is shrinking and people are going to be smushed. It's all because Big Jim threw the Egg over the cliff. Also, Melanie is sick. Why can't the Dome simply tell people what it wants, instead of sending cryptic visions all the time? I'm guessing the answer is "quantum."


The History of Sex: The 20th Century (10 PM, H2):

A look at 100 years of sexual innovation and weirdness... the history of 20th century sex is in many ways a history of technology, including latex condoms, birth control and new sexology research techniques. So this could be pretty fascinating.


Also on TV tonight: Face Off on Syfy at 9 PM, followed by Wizard Wars.


The Director's Chair: Quentin Tarantino Part 2 (9 PM, El Rey):

Robert Rodriguez sits down with his pal and Grindhouse co-director, for the second part of their conversation about film-making and general weirdness.


Extant (10 PM, CBS):

The season finale! (And, honestly, quite possibly the series finale based on this show's ratings of late.) Molly has to go back to space, to try and lead the Seraphin away from Earth and save the human race from the deadly spores. And meanwhile, John discovers just how insidious Odin's plan really is.


Also on TV tonight: A brand new Stan Lee's Superhumans on H2.


Cartoons (6 PM, Cartoon Network)

On Teen Titans Go!, Trigon is upset that Raven didn't get him anything for Father's Day, so he's going to destroy the Earth. On Steven Universe, Amethyst cracks her gemstone and Steven and the other gems have to fix it. On Gumball, it's a "World's Greatest Mom" contest. And on Uncle Grandpa, we go inside Belly Bag to fix an illness.


Haven (10 PM, Syfy)

Everything's falling apart in America's favorite crazytown: "With Nathan and Duke dealing with the loss of people close to them, Dwight tries to keep Haven together as Mara unleashes a new wave of Troubles."

Tim & Eric's Bedtime Stories (12:15 AM, Adult Swim)

Here's the proper debut of this spin-off of the former Tim & Eric show. Bedtime Stories is basically a Twilight Zone-style anthology of weird/freaktastic tales. See a sneak peek above.



Hack My Brain (8 PM, Science)

A three-hour special about all the things you can do to become a mega-genius:

What if you could make your mind better, faster and stronger starting right now? Science Channel is searching for answers by taking the idea of brain games to a whole new level in the three-hour special Hack My Brain. Join host, adventurer and entrepreneur Todd Sampson as he works to take his brain from "average joe" to "memory champion" to escape artist in just a few months, and invites viewers at home to test their mental prowess right along with him.


Z Nation (10 PM, Syfy)

How are you enjoying this "zombie road trip" show so far? In the second episode, the survivors get to New Jersey... where they run out of fuel. And Cassandra's past catches up to her. (And probably tries to bite her. Just guessing.)


Also on TV: A new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on Nickelodeon at 7 PM. A new Utopia on Fox at 9 PM. Plus a new episode of Steven Soderbergh's The Knick on Cinemax at 10 PM. And two episodes of Unsealed: Alien Files on DA, also at 10 PM.


Doctor Who (9 PM, BBC America)

After this past weekend's somewhat experimental outing, we're back to straightforward adventure... or are we? This week, it's "Time Heist" and the Doctor and Clara are robbing the most secure bank in the universe. Unfortunately, the bank has a secret weapon.


Outlander (9 PM, Starz)

It's the big day! Claire is getting married to Jamie... but not by choice. It's only to keep her from being handed over to the British, because if she's married to a Scot, then she's technically Scottish. But it'll probably still be a lovely ceremony. Right?

Intruders (10 PM, BBC America)

This show continues its slow boil, and here's what's next: "Madison's instincts gain strength as she begins to make sense of Marcus' memories; Jack gets a terrifying confession out of Gary; Richard comes face-to-face with Marcus."


Also on TV today: Cartoon Network has episodes of Tenkai Knights, Legends of Chima and Pokemon, starting at 7 AM. Discovery has an intriguingly named special called Tigress Blood at 8 PM. There's a new Beware the Batman at 2:30 in the morning on Adult Swim.


Witches of East End (9 PM, Lifetime)

You just never know what to expect from this show, which killed off two of its main characters in one crazy moment. So what's next?

Still reeling from Freya and Ingrid's murder, a devastated Joanna retreats to her bedroom, unable to face the reality that she's once again had to watch them die and that the cycle will only repeat itself. Worried about her sister's state of mind, Wendy is determined to bring them back, but knows the dangers of the spells all too well... and is forced to partner with the enemy. Meanwhile, Killian makes a startling discovery, and Dash's secrets begin to surface.


American Dad (9:30 PM, Fox)

This is the "Fox Finale" of this show, which is moving to TBS later this year. In the final episode aired on Fox, an alien (voiced by Kim Kardashian) lands on Earth and has a short-lived relationship with Roger the alien. Then Roger decides to get rid of her by calling the CIA.


The Lottery (10 PM, Lifetime)

This show about a dystopian future where women have stopped being able to have children is barreling towards its first season finale. This week:

Vanessa confronts Darius about his plans and surprises him by trying to subvert them. Meanwhile, Allison and Kyle meet the MayTwos and learn they are funded by a powerful sponsor who can help rescue Elvis; and the president learns about Gabrielle's deal with Perry and confronts her about her motives.


The Strain (10 PM, FX)

Our heroes are heading into the Master's Lair, which hopefully means we'll be getting some answers on this spooky vampire show. And meanwhile, Zack is stuck in a pawnshop with Mariela, and is forced to discover just how far he'll go to protect her.


Squidbillies (11:45, Adult Swim)

This show is back for another batch of episodes, and the creators promise to tackle some highly topical issues, including "marriage inequality, taint cancer, speciesism, and the impending Russian snake apocalypse."


Also on TV today: Disney XD has a new Ultimate Spider-Man at 8 AM. Nicktoons has a new Yu-Gi-Oh! at 10:30 AM. Smithsonian has a special, called Stonehenge Empire, at 8 PM. There's a new Manhattan on WGN at 10 PM, and a new Masters of Sex at the same time on Showtime.

Sources: Futon Critic, TV Guide, network press releases.


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It looks like my wife and I's choice to finally get around to watching Fringe from the beginning couldn't be better timed.

The month of September is no man's land for television. There's one or two watchable things, and Under the Dome which isn't good but is train-wreck-with-beautiful-people-that-we-can't-look-away-from enough for my wife and I to keep tuning in.

Outside of that it's a barren wasteland because prime time shows haven't started and summer finales for the best shows are largely done with.