In this week's television, Olivia Wilde reprises her Tron Legacy role as Quorra in Tron: Uprising. On Ultimate Spider-Man, HRG is voicing Dr. Strange, and Mark Hamill is a most unexpected Marvel villain. Discover... the naughtiest Freud! There's a Twilight Zone marathon. And it looks like Ben is going to the point of no return, on Falling Skies.

Check out all the week's TV highlights, plus clips from Eureka, Teen Wolf, Futurama, and more of this week's episodes!



Eureka (9 PM, Syfy):
This show's in its home stretch — this is the antepenultimate episode! Kind of sad to contemplate. So this week, they're having what sounds like a very, very traditional "shit goes wrong" episode:

A malfunctioning experiment cuts Eureka off from the world and threatens to destroy all human life in town unless Carter can figure out who sabotaged the experiment and stop them before it's too late.


Hey, here's a sneak peek!

Teen Wolf (10 PM, MTV):
It's "Frenemy."

Scott and Stiles race to protect their friends after receiving startling new information about the shape-shifter. Meanwhile, Allison is given an investigative task by her family.


If Captain Kirk was here, he'd have sorted out that shapeshifter weeks ago. Here's a sneak peek!

Also on TV tonight: A brand new (to Americans) Lost Girl on Syfy at 10 PM — with yet another "atrocious pun" episode title. "Can't See the Fae-Rest."


Freud's Naked Truths (Smithsonian, 9 PM):
Yup, it's just going to be a whole hour of people prancing around in the nude, while someone remarks on how Freudian the whole thing is. Actually, here's what the Smithsonian Channel wants you to think it's about:

Lucian Freud, the controversial grandson of Sigmund Freud, has been called one of the greatest painters of the 20th century. His extraordinary portraits- of children, lovers, gangsters, supermodels, even the Queen of England - pushed the boundaries of art and broke world records at auction. They also enraged sitters and ended friendships. The royal photographer for The Times of London was so incensed by Freud's picture of the Queen that he said Freud should be thrown from the Tower of London. The story of his life and work is the subject of FREUD'S NAKED TRUTHS, a new hour-long documentary premiering Tuesday, July 3 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Smithsonian Channel.


So it's sort of about psychology and the creative process. Did you know that Freud's grandson was a controversial painter? I don't think I did.

Also on TV tonight: A new Level Up! on Cartoon Network at 8 PM — according to TV Guide, although other sites say it's a re-run.


Twilight Zone Marathon (8 AM, Syfy):
Fuck yeah! It's time for a Twilight Zone marathon. Did you know that hot dogs are microwaveable? They are. You do not actually need to leave your house at all. Syfy is showing almost 24 hours of Twilight Zone episodes, including some of the all-time classics. Declare your independence from modern boring TV and get into the Zone... Eltingville style.

Futurama (10 PM, Comedy Central):
It's July 4, and they're having episode 7x04. Sort of appropriate! It's called "Thief of Baghead." Here's the description, according to the Infosphere:

Bender takes up photography. He is the last non-digital photographer on Earth, using film due to his preference for the look of film grain. He attempts to photograph Langdon Cobb, an actor called the greatest in the world. Cobb always wears a bag over his head due to his desire to be known for his acting and not his looks. Calculon challenges him for his title, and the two partake in the World Acting Championship, an acting contest to the death. Meanwhile, the rest of the Planet Express crew have their life forces removed.


And here's a sneak peek!


Tron: Uprising (8 PM, Disney XD):
Dude! Olivia Wilde is turning up as Quorra! More links between this series and Tron Legacy. Could be interesting:

After making a daring theft for a valuable data cube from General Tesler's base, Beck, as The Renegade, escapes on his light jet over the Sea of Simulation. Paige engages The Renegade in an aerial dogfight and the two nemesis crash on a remote island. Upon discovering the island is disintegrating into the sea, the two foes must call a temporary truce and are forced to work together on a plan to survive. These unfolding events cause Paige to reflect on her personal history and the life she led before turning into a soldier of the Occupation. Paige reveals she once knew the program Quorra (voiced by Olivia Wilde, "TRON: Legacy") who was on the run from the Occupation and hid in Paige's hometown.


Motorcity (8:30 PM, Disney XD):
And then there's this series, set in a dystopian future Detroit, which is still going strong. Here's what to expect from this week's episode:

"Ride of the Fantasy Vans" - When two of Chuck's friends from his Live Action Role Play (LARP) world go missing, the group turns to The Burners for help. But the Burners are in for a huge surprise when they find themselves facing off against Utilitons, evil robots that both they and Kane fear.

Saving Hope (9 PM, NBC):
Here's what NBC wants you to know about "Out of Sight":

A high profile double hand replantation becomes Alex's (Durance) chance to prove to Kinney (Wendy Crewson) that she is still capable of being Chief Surgical Resident. In the ICU, Maggie (Ross) believes a homeless man may have been misdiagnosed.


Check out an extended trailer, in which Charlie meets someone who's been in a coma a loooong time. Oh, and we find out just how young aspiring surgeons get to be part of important surgeries in this hospital. (Hint: It involves nookie.)

Also on TV tonight: There's a brand new Wilfred on FX at 10 PM.


My Babysitter's a Vampire (8 PM, Disney):
Come on, you know this is your new favorite show now that Alien Surf Girls is gone. Apparently this episode is called "Say You'll Be Maztak," and it's about an ancient Maya sky queen named Lucia. Which is a great name for a Maya sky queen, indeed. Everybody knows that all Maya sky queens were named Lucia or something of that sort. Oh, and the show's wiki notes that this is one of two episodes having an ancient theme. The other one being called "Hottie Ho-Tep."

Phineas & Ferb (9 PM, Disney):
It's "Doofapus," in which Dr. Doofenshmirtz has a sudden transformation:

DR. DOOFENSHMIRTZ EXPERIENCES FIRSTHAND THE LIFE OF A SECRET AGENT PLATYPUS — Change is afoot when Candace accidentally liquefies herself by coming in contact with Phineas and Ferb's device that turns solids into liquids. Meanwhile, Dr. Doofenshmirtz turns himself into a platypus to defeat Perry in battle, but finds it's harder than he ever imagined.

Gravity Falls (9:30 PM, Disney):
This new animated "Twin Peaks meets X-Files meets Simpsons" show got a pretty nice review from io9's own Alasdair Wilkins over at the AV Club. So now's a great time to jump in on, more or less, the ground floor. This time around, Mabel (Kristen Schaal) goes on a date with the town psychic, Gideon (Adventure Time's Thurop Van Orman.) And apparently he's not as fun to date as you'd think. Check out a clip above!


Chasing UFOs (10 PM, National Geographic):
It's "Alien Cowboys!" I don't think we even need to say more than that.


Kaijudo: Rise of the Duel Masters (The Hub, 8 PM):
Here's what to expect from "The Hunted":

After rescuing a baby fire creature from Alakshmi, Ray and his friends hide out at school but are soon caught up in a dangerous game of hide-and-seek with the Choten's pursuing minion and her vicious puppet, Razorkinder.


I kind of love the name "Razorkinder." Even though it's probably pronounced "kinder" like "kindergarten," I keep imagining it sounding like "kinder, gentler."


Ultimate Spider-Man (11 AM, Disney XD):
This is kind of awesome. This time around, Jack Coleman, aka HRG from Heroes, is guest-starring as Dr. Strange, who helps out Spidey and Iron Fist after everyone in New York is caught in a mystical slumber. Greg Grunberg, also from Heroes, voices Uncle Ben, who probably shows up in Spidey's magical nightmare. And Mark Hamill, aka the Joker from Batman: The Animated Series, plays Shao Lao, probably in Iron Fist's nightmare. And then in Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, the Skrulls invade!

Falling Skies (9 PM, TNT):
So last night's episode was not the show's greatest, although it had a few outstandingly creepy bits. And it looks like this coming week, we're getting deeper into the all-important "is Ben turning into a Skitter" question:

A familiar face returns to the 2nd Mass, but his intentions remain unknown. Meanwhile, a skitter is captured and brought back to the camp as a prisoner. And Hal bonds with Maggie as she begins to open up about her past.

True Blood (9 PM, HBO):
"Let's Boot and Rally." Sure, why not? Here's more on what that might mean:

Bill and Eric turn to Sookie for help with Russell's whereabouts; Jason has a disturbing dream.


Also on TV tonight: There's a new Aqua Teen Hunger Force at midnight on Adult Swim, followed by a new Metalocalpyse at 12:15 AM.

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