This Week's TV: You'll never guess which science fiction show is having a musical episode!

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Here are some things that might make this week's television worth watching, in spite of the Thanksgiving lull: 1) Donald Glover playing an animated rapper named Alpha Dog. 2) A brutal look at how astronauts might survive crash-landing on Mars. 3) Two new Adventure Time episodes! 4) Lady Gaga takes over Thanksgiving! 5) There's a huge Generator Rex/Ben 10 crossover! 6) A very special musical episode of a science fiction show.


Check out tons of clips and details for all of this week's science fiction and fantasy television!


Cartoon Network has a new Johnny Test at 7 PM, "Johnny Alternative":

Johnny and Dukey enter another dimension where they meet Joni and Dutchy girl a kind of familiar girl and her dog. They have so much fun together, could they be falling in love?

That's followed at 7:30 by a new Amazing World of Gumball. Then at 8 PM, there's a new episode of Adventure Time, "Jake vs. Me-Mow":

Finn and Jake try to protect Wild Berry Princess from Me-Mow, a tiny feline assassin. Jake's life is threatened, and he must decide whether he will save himself or Wild Berry Princess.

And then at 8:15, there's a new Regular Show — guest starring Donald Glover as a rapper named Alpha Dog! — followed by a new Mad at 8:30. Check out a new Adventure Time clip!

There's an all-new Terra Nova on Fox at 8 PM, "Vs." I really think this could be the episode where this show starts hitting its stride in a major way. Here's the description:

As Taylor searches for the "Sixer" mole within Terra Nova, Jim stumbles onto an old murder, for which Taylor is the prime suspect.


Check out five clips from the episode:

And then at 9 PM, the frequently weird-science-y House is also on Fox, with "Dead & Buried."


And the season finale of the cops—and-monsters comedy Death Valley airs at 11 PM on MTV.


Syfy is having a Stargate: SG-1 marathon all day. That's worth getting out of bed for, right? Then starting at 7 PM, Syfy is showing the first four episodes of Grimm.


At 8 PM, Cartoon Network has a new Looney Tunes Show.

At 10 PM, H2 has another episode of The Universe, "Crash Landing on Mars."

What might happen if the first manned mission to Mars crashes hundreds of miles from the rocket that would take them back home? Could they survive the crash, and travel across the brutal Martian surface to their home ship? We'll show what the astronauts would have to do to survive dust storms and space radiation, while extracting vital resources like water from the Martian soil itself. It's a dramatic vision of the very near future, where survival can depend on pre-industrial technology and human ingenuity.


Also at 10 PM, CBS has another episode of Unforgettable, "Trajectories."

When a second murder suddenly occurs at an active crime scene, Al and Carrie must wade through hundreds of bystanders to uncover if it was retribution or an unrelated attack.



Cartoon Network is unveiling its brand new series Level Up today as a special TV movie at 7 PM, and it's a take on the time-honored "video game characters start breaking into the real world" plot device that everybody loves. Here's what to expect:

At night, Wyatt (Gaelan Connell), Lyle (Jessie T. Usher) and Dante (Connor del Rio) battle together as heroic avatars, in a massively multi-player online video game, Conqueror of All Worlds. Yet, by day these high school teenagers barely know each other's names, let alone their real identities. That all changes after they mistakenly open a portal from the game world to the real world unleashing the game's evil villain Maldark, a bunch of his trolls and the entire content of the internet, into their once peaceful neighborhood. Now the trio must put aside their differences and join forces with their classmate Angie (Aimee Carrero) to work together IRL (in real life) to win the game and save the world. All without a single cheat code!

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And then at 8:30, the Cartoon Network has a second new Adventure Time episode! It's the Thanksgiving Special, called "Thank You":

The Snow Golem and his beseeching pup pay a visit to the Fire Kingdom.

Check out a picture from the episode, at left.

And then at 9 PM, in most markets, PBS has a new Nova, "The Fabric of the Cosmos: Universe or Multiverse?"

Hard as it is to swallow, cutting-edge theories are suggesting that our universe may not be the only universe. Instead, it may be just one of an infinite number of worlds that make up the multiverse. In this show, Brian Greene takes us on a tour of this brave new theory at the frontier of physics, explaining why scientists believe it's true and showing what some of these alternate realities might be like. Some universes may be almost indistinguishable from our own; others may contain variations of all of us, where we exist but with different families, careers, and life stories. In still others, reality may be so radically different from ours as to be unrecognizable. Brian Greene reveals why this radical new picture of the cosmos is getting serious attention from scientists. It won't be easy to prove, but if it's right, our understanding of space, time, and our place in the universe will never be the same.


Also at 9 PM: A new MythBusters on the Discovery Channel, and a new Ancient Aliens on the History Channel.

Then at 10 PM, Ridley Scott shares more insights into the history of science fiction on the Science Channel with Prophets of Science Fiction. This time: H.G. Wells. Fans of Warehouse 13 are advised to skip this episode, which will probably fly in the face of everything that we know about Helena. Here's what the Science Channel wants us to know:

"I told you so..." H.G. Wells' self-penned epitaph underscores a lifetime of grim, yet uncanny prophecy. With stories like The Time Machine and The War of the Worlds, H.G. Wells established himself as a sci-fi writer of almost clairvoyant talent. But Wells' tales of hi-tech adventure belie an ominous vision of the future.

Beneath the technological wonder of 1895's The Time Machine, Wells attacks the growing class disparity in his native Britain … through a dystopian future where the ruling class literally eat their inferiors.

In 1898's Martian invasion epic, The War of the Worlds, H.G. Wells makes a ghastly—and accurate—prediction that soon becomes a staple of the modern battlefield: deadly biological weapons.

In 1914's The World Set Free, scientists uncover a revolutionary power source, propelling mankind into a new age of prosperity and technological progress. But this same energy is soon turned to warfare, with next-level weapons that unleash unprecedented horrors on humanity. In this tale, H.G. Wells accurately prophesizes the advent of the atomic bomb.

H.G. Wells' frighteningly accurate predictions hold a grave warning: beware the dark side of progress. Our greatest innovations could very well become the tools of our own destruction.

Then at 10 PM, there's another new American Horror Story on FX, "Rubber Man." The only episode description is, "The man in the rubber suit is revealed." And Sylar is in this episode!


National Geographic also has the final two episodes of the season of Mad Scientists at 10 and 10:30, "Shocking Flying Machine" and "Jet-Powered Office Chair."


Syfy is showing James Bond movies all day long.

At 8 PM, Fox has a special that's barely in our wheelhouse, Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas. Also, at 8 PM, there's a new episode of Speed Racer: The Next Generation on a special night, on Nicktoons.

At 9:30 PM, ABC has a 90-minute special, A Very Gaga Thanksgiving. Yes, Lady Gaga is no longer content with releasing a new song every five minutes, she's now cooking Thanksgiving dinner as well. Noted just because she's sort of an extraterrestrial, and maybe she'll give birth to aliens at some point during this show.


And then at 10 PM, there's another Burn Notice on USA. There's also a new Beavis and Butthead on MTV,


Cartoon Network is following in the footsteps of Syfy and other networks, and letting its shows cross over. Tonight at 7, there's a storyline running across Ben 10: Ultimate Alien and Generator Rex, "Heroes United, Parts 1 & 2."

In the midst of battle, Ben 10 is dragged into a dimensional rift and sent spiraling to a strange alternate world where microscopic nanites infect every living creature on the planet: the world of Generator Rex! Are Ben's alien transformations any match for Rex's power builds? Who is the mysterious villain threatening to take them down? And can they unite in time to keep both of their worlds from being destroyed? Tune in to find out!


Check out two new clips from the crossover:

Then there are a few great choices at 8 PM. First of all, there's a new Star Wars: The Clone Wars, "Kidnapped."

Anakin and Ahsoka investigate the disappearance of a colony and stumble upon a major secret that has a personal effect on Anakin.


Check out your first look at a brand new clip, at left.

Also at 8 PM, there are four back-to-back episodes of Spongebob SquarePants on Nickelodeon. And a new A.N.T. Farm on Disney. And a brand new Dragon Ball Z Kai: "Get Angry, Gohan! Release Your Hidden Power!"


There's no new Nikita or Supernatural tonight. Instead, The CW has two incredibly wack-sounding holiday specials, Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer — yes, an hour-long special based on the song — and Olive, the Other Reindeer, about a dog who wants to be Santa's new reindeer. Featuring the voice of Ed Asner. Oh, Mr. Grannnt...

At 8:30, Cartoon Network has a new ThunderCats, "Between Brothers."

Also at 8:30 PM, CBS has another awful-sounding holiday special, The Elf on The Shelf: An Elf's Story. I don't even want to know.


At 9 PM and 9:30 PM, Disney has two new episodes of Phineas and Ferb.

Then at 10 PM, there's the special musical episode of Sanctuary on Syfy, "Fugue." According to Red Eye Chicago:

In the episode, written and directed by Damian Kindler, an abnormal attacks FBI agent/Will squeeze Abby (Pascale Hutton). When she wakes in the Sanctuary infirmary, Will (Robin Dunne) discovers that she's possessed by the abnormal, who appears to have a penchant for singing. Will and Magnus (Amanda Tapping) learn that the only way to communicate with the creature is through music.


Here are two sneak peeks:

Also at 10: a new Onion News Network on IFC, focusing on "Artificial Intelligence."


And then at 11 PM on G4, there's a new episode of X-Men Anime, "Conflict."


The Hub is showing a new episode of R.L. Stine's The Haunting Hour: The Series at 5 PM.


At 8 PM, there's a new Iron Man: Armored Adventures on a special night, on Nicktoons.

And at 9, Syfy is getting your mind off all the boring holiday entertainment with a new TV movie, Storm War, starring Stacy Keach and Jason London. Here's the skinny:

In the movie, two rival brothers learn that their father, a brilliant but deranged scientist, has created diabolical weather weapons which he unleashes on his enemies - and the city of Washington, DC.


Weather weapons! What could be more wawesome?

Also at 9 PM, BBC America has another new Primeval.

And then at 11 PM, Disney XD has a new (to us Americans) episode of Naruto Shippuden,



Fox has its usual Sunday-night animation bloc starting at 7:30 PM with Cleveland Show and continuing with The Simpsons, Allen Gregory, Family Guy and American Dad.

At 8 PM, there's a brand new Once Upon A Time, "That Still Small Voice." In which:

As Sheriff Graham deputizes Emma, the ground shakes and a giant sinkhole mysteriously appears at the edge of town. But a curious Henry's life is placed in danger when he decides to explore the innards of the sinkhole to see if its contents can link the inhabitants of Storybrooke to the fairytale world. Meanwhile, back in the fairytale world, Jiminy Cricket yearns to leave the family business and transform into the person he wants to be.


Also at 8: a new Voltron Force on Nicktoons, on a special night. It's "The Ghost in the Lion," and "the Blue Lion is stolen by an ex-pilot who's trying to rescue his son."

And then at 9 PM, there's the midseason finale of The Walking Dead, "Pretty Much Dead Anyway." Check out a sneak peek at left!


Sources: Futon Critic, MSN TV, TV Guide, and various TV studio press releases.


Re; HG Wells

"Beneath the technological wonder of 1895's The Time Machine, Wells attacks the growing class disparity in his native Britain … through a dystopian future where the ruling class literally eat their inferiors."

That's about half right ... the Morlocks (the eaters) were the descendants of the working class, while the Eloi (the snackfood products) were the descendants of the privileged class.

In other terms, Wells was commenting on the crushing conditions of the workers and warning that the Upper Class would get their comeuppance if they didn't address the disparity.

I hope the program does a better job of presenting Wells' vision than their blurb-writers did.