Christmas means that there's not a whole lot of new TV this week, but there's still plenty to watch other than endless replays of A Christmas Story. For one thing, there's a spooky new Doctor Who special and the latest from the dystopian Black Mirror. Plus, marathons for those who prefer TV over yule logs.


If you missed Toy Story That Time Forgot, you can catch it at 8 PM on ABC Family. And if you want to get caught up on Star Wars Rebels, you can catch episodes 2-5 starting at 12 PM, and then episodes 4-8 starting at 9PM on Disney XD.



Star Trek: The Next Generation Marathon (8 AM, BBC America)

Escape from the interminable holiday specials with an all-day marathon of episodes from Season Two, starting with "A Matter of Honor."



Doctor Who: Series 2 Marathon (8 AM, BBC America)

Relive David Tennant's early days as the Tenth Doctor (post-"The Parting of the Ways") with the first six episodes of Series 2. Then hold tight for the Christmas special marathon.


Jim Henson's Creature Shop Challenge Marathon (10 AM, Syfy)

Watch the entire first season of the creature creating competition and see what it takes to bring these remarkable puppets to life. In each episode, contestants must design and build puppets, which are then brought to life by featured puppeteers.


Doctor Who Christmas Special Marathon (1 PM, BBC America)

Prepare for Thursday's Christmas special by rewatching the last eight years of holiday Doctor Who, starting with "The Christmas Invasion" and ending with "The Day of the Doctor."



Doctor Who: Series 8 Marathon (8 AM, BBC America)

If you missed any (or all) of Peter Capaldi's episodes as the 12th Doctor, tune in to BBC America all day for the entire eighth series, leading into this year's special, "Last Christmas."


Syfy Original Movie Winter Extravaganza (9 AM, Syfy)

Enjoy a heavy dose of winter cheesiness with nine — count 'em nine — snow-themed Syfy originals, including such classics as Rage of the Yeti, Snowmageddon, Ice Twisters, and '12 Disasters of Christmas. Bring your best MST3K-style snark.

Doctor Who, "Last Christmas" (9 PM, BBC America)

Doctor Who brings us a somewhat scarier Christmas tale than usual when the Doctor and Clara find themselves in an arctic base terrorized by crab creatures. They're joined by one of the Doctor's not-so-favorite people, Santa Claus (Nick Frost) who turns up to lend a helping hand. But we're in for some Inception-like puzzling when the characters start to wonder whether anything happening to them is real.

Black Mirror: White Christmas (9:30 PM, DirecTV)

Brits already got to see Black Mirror's Christmas special; now it's the Americans' turn. Take one more trip into Black Mirror's cautionary Twilight Zone, this time in the company of Jon Hamm and Rafe Spall, who star as co-workers at a remote wilderness outpost. As the two discuss why they're working at the outpost, we're treated to three miniature stories about nightmare uses of technology. Our own James Whitbrook says it's a must-see holiday special.



Doctor Who Marathon (8 AM, BBC America)

Still haven't had enough Doctor Who? Friday's marathon kicks off with the Series 2 episode "Fear Her" before running through Series 3 and into the fourth series.


Also the English-subtitled version space western anime series Cowboy Bebop starts streaming on Hulu on Friday.


Harry Potter Movie Marathon (7 AM, ABC Family)

If you plan on spending Saturday curled up inside, you can switch on ABC family for a big ol' Harry Potter marathon, starting, of course, with Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.


Syfy Original Crocodilian Movies (11 AM, Syfy)

Alligator and crocodile monsters abound in Satuday's reptile movie marathon. Whether you're a fan of Robocroc, Gateroid, or Crocosaurus, you're bound to find something to chuckle at. Oh, and they threw in the non-crocodilian Piranhaconda just for good measure.


Jurassic Park Marathon (2 PM, AMC)

Get your heatbeat racing with a little dino-terror by rewatching Jurassic Park (2 PM), The Lost World: Jurassic Park (5 PM), and Jurassic Park III (8 PM).



Harry Potter Movie Marathon, Part Deux (8 AM, ABC Family)

ABC Family spends another day with Harry Potter, finishing things off with Death Hallows: Part One (5:30 PM) and Part Two (9 PM).


Breaking Bad Marathon (10 AM, AMC)

Remember when Walt was a doormat science teacher with a full head of hair? Go back to the very beginning with the Breaking Bad marathon and marvel at how much the character changed over the years.

The Librarians (8 PM, TNT)

Dragons are real and they've just woken up from their slumber beneath the Earth, wreaking havoc on the world. Flynn returns to help find the beasts' hidden treasure.