This Week's TV: The Powerpuff Girls Are Back, and Everything Is Going to Be OK Again

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Plus Outlander is back, and we’re going to France to deal with court intrigue! Plus Fear the Walking Dead stumbles from its musty grave! And there are season finales of Sleepy Hollow and Shadowhunters, if you’re into that sort of thing! It’s all on This Week’s TV.



The Powerpuff Girls (6PM, CARTOON)

Man Up

“Buttercup adopts a New Age attitude after letting Man-Boy the villain escape in her anger. In order to defeat Man-Boy when he returns to take revenge, Buttercup aims to strike a balance between peace and struggle.”


Series premiere!

The Magicians (9PM, SYFY)

Thirty-Nine Graves

“The students wake up to vague memories and feelings of regret after a night of drinking. However, there’s no time for talking about what did or didn’t occur now that their lives depend on getting to the Netherlands as soon as possible.”

Damien (10PM, A&E)

Seven Curses

“Seven bazaar world horrific events, set Damien, on his way to embrace his true, and supernatural destiny.”


Blindspot (10PM, NBC)

Any Wounded Thief

“After an armored truck is robbed, the team discovers that the stolen goods are chemical weapons and they must race to thwart a terrorist plot. Meanwhile, Jane grapples with a confusing memory of Weller - while growing even closer to Oscar (guest star Francois Arnaud). Meanwhile Patterson receives a phone call from someone from her past.”


Also on Tonight: 11.22.63 (3:01AM, HULU), Bitten (11PM, SYFY)


iZombie (9PM, CW)

Reflections of the Way Live Used to Be

“Liv and Detective Babineaux are investigating the murder of Bailey Barker (guest star Haley Marie Norman “Fired Up”), a type-A, ambitious, hyper-competitive and driven student near the top of her class. After consuming Bailey’s brain we see Liv become very much like the girl she was before becoming a zombie. Meanwhile, things seem to be going from bad to worse for Major, and Blaine reaches out to Ravi (Rahul Kohli) for help.”


Agents of SHIELD (9PM, ABC)


“When Daisy gets a horrifying glimpse of the future, S.H.I.E.L.D. races to prove that fate is not fixed.”


Powers Boothe in an super-exoskeleton!

Shadowhunters (9PM, FREEFORM)

Morning Star

“Jace, who is still reeling from everything that has happened, makes hunting down Valentine his number one priority even though he continues to wrestle with his conflicted feelings. In hopes of finding a way to stop Valentine before it is too late, Clary and Simon must find the key to unlocking Jocelyn’s coma. But that key to unlocking Jocelyn’s spell may just undo the Downworlder peace treaty, Simon’s relationship with Raphael, and the Vampire clan in the process.”


Season finale!

Limitless (10PM, CBS)

Hi, My Name is Rebecca Harris

“When Rebecca learns the truth about her father’s death, she takes NZT for the first time and uses it to seek justice for his murder. Also, Sands (Colin Salmon) makes a dangerous move against Brian to ensure the success of his new initiative.”


Also on Tuesday: Powerpuff Girls (6PM, CARTOON), Stitchers (10PM, FREEFORM)


Arrow (8PM, CW)


“Oliver and Diggle learn that Merlyn is going to try to break Darhk (guest star Neal McDonough) out of prison. Meanwhile, Laurel gets a surprising offer and Felicity has a heart-to-heart talk with Curtis (guest star Echo Kellum).”


Supernatural (9PM, CW)

Hell’s Angel

“Lucifer takes a trip home and tries to assert himself into Heaven. Crowley tells Sam and Dean he has a way to take down Amara (guest star Emily Swallows).”


Also on Wednesday: The Powerpuff Girls (6PM, CARTOON), Face Off (9PM, SYFY) Nova (9PM, PBS)


Legends of Tomorrow (8PM, CW)


“Rip tells the team they are headed to the future to take out a powerful ally that Savage (guest star Casper Crump) needs in order to conquer the world. However, when Rip reveals the ally is a 14 year-old boy (guest star Cory Gruter-Andrew) who will one day grow into an evil dictator, the team is split about the morality of killing a child, even if it does save the world. Meanwhile, Sara talks Snart through a rough patch and Ray (learns something that could impact his future with Kendra.”


Per Degaton debuts!

The 100 (9PM, CW)


“Jaha employs a terrifying new method to convince Abby to join his cause, Kane is on a mission, and Bellamy is hit with a hard truth. Meanwhile, Monty finds himself in a precarious situation, and Jasper rushes to save one of his own.”


Archer (10PM, FX)

The Handoff

“Archer and Lana make a tricky handoff while the rest of the gang hears the best voicemail ever.”


Also on Thursday: The Powerpuff Girls (6PM, CARTOON), River Monsters (9PM, ANIMAL) Vikings (10PM, HISTORY)


eXistenZ (8PM, EL REY)

David Cronenberg’s film about a female game designer targeted for assassination! Sadly, eXistenZ turned out to be way more prescient than Videodrome’s “voyeurism will turn you into a VCR” narrative (which I have watched four times in an academic setting). Followed by Buckaroo Banzai!


Sleepy Hollow (8PM, FOX)


“After a startling discovery, Abbie and Crane realize what they must do in order to make Pandora’s box complete again. Meanwhile, the team works tirelessly to stop The Hidden One, before he destroys all of humanity. Can the Witnesses succeed with the fate of the world in their hands once again?”


Season finale!

The Vampire Diaries (8PM, CW)

I Went to the Woods

“In the aftermath of his brother’s fateful decision, Stefan (Paul Wesley) awakens to find himself thrown into a life or death situation with only his basic instincts to rely on. With time working against him, he sets off on a journey of survival while forced to confront a lifetime of irreversible damage Damon (Ian Somerhalder) has done to their relationship. Meanwhile, desperate to save his brother, Damon follows an unusual lead he has come across, while Matt (Zach Roerig) sends Valerie (guest star Elizabeth Blackmore) to Dallas to enlist Alaric’s (Matt Davis) help in the search for Stefan. Finally, when Rayna (guest star Leslie-Anne Huff) discovers the emergence of a new threat, she sets off on her own mission to find Stefan before the others do.”


Grimm (9PM, NBC)

The Believer

“An evangelical preacher (guest star William Mapother) has a tent revival unlike any other when he uses his Wesen identity to gain more believers. Nick and Hank are called to the scene as things escalate when a group of ‘true believers’ are hell bent on saving the preacher and his flock by any means necessary. Meanwhile, Capt. Renard takes further steps to gain power in local government. Elsewhere, Eve uses Adalind’s ol’ hat trick to gain more access to Black Claw.”


The Originals (9PM, CW)

Behind the Black Horizon

“When its discovered that Freya (Riley Voelkel) has been kidnapped and is in the hands of a dangerous new threat, the Mikaelson brothers are forced to put aside their differences in order to save her before it’s too late. Following a lead that brings them to Mystic Falls, Elijah (Daniel Gillies) and Finn (guest star Casper Zafer) run into deputy Matt Donovan (guest star Zach Roerig), who does not take well to new vampires in his town. Meanwhile, Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) work together to uncover the motive behind one of Lucien’s (guest star Andrew Lees) secret agendas, while a troubling shift in Kol’s (guest star Nathaniel Buzolic) behavior leaves Davina (Danielle Campbell) concerned for their future together.”


Wynonna Earp (10PM, SYFY)

Keep the Home Fires Burning

“To defeat Wynonna, Doc Holliday and Levi summon the Shadow Assassin “Killer” Jim Miller from his ill-lit depths.”


Also on Friday: The Powerpuff Girls (6PM, FOX), Banshee (10PM, CINEMAX), Animals (11:30PM, HBO)


The Phantom Tollbooth (6:15AM, TCM)

Outlander (9PM, STARZ)

Through a Glass, Darkly

“Jamie and Claire arrive in France, where they hope to infiltrate the Jacobite rebellion and put a stop to the Battle of Culloden. Thrown into the plush world of French society, they experience court intrigue and struggle to make any headway politically.”


Season two premiere!

Svengoolie Presents Bride of Frankenstein (10PM, MeTV)

Shock (2AM, TCM)

Mario Bava’s bizarre and exciting haunted house movie, starring Daria Nicoladi! Some amazing camera trickery!


The Exorcist II: The Heretic (3:45AM, TCM)

John Boorman’s hella-underrated sequel to The Exorcist! Take in the music, take in the imagery!


Also on Saturday: Henry Danger (8PM, NICK), Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries (8PM, OVATION), Beowulf (10PM, ESQUIRE)


Once Upon a Time (8PM, ABC)

Her Handsome Hero

“You never know who you’ll meet in the Underworld. Like the great hero who’s love and life was stolen from the dark one. Now the hunt is on, vengeance is the prize, and there’s even more at stake!”


Fear the Walking Dead (9PM, AMC)


“To kill a monster, you must become a monster.”

...that’s it? Ominous! Season two premiere!

The Last Man On Earth (9:30PM, FOX)


“Tandy tries to host a party for the group and Todd’s luck takes a turn for the better.”


Also on Sunday: Guardians of the Galaxy (8AM, DISNEY XD), Avengers: Ultron Revolution (8:30AM, DISNEY XD), Ultimate Spider-Man vs. The Sinister Six (9AM, DISNEY XD), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (11AM, NICKELODEON), Bob’s Burgers (8:30PM, FOX), Elementary (9PM, CBS)

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