This week on television, Breaking Bad returns for its final season. Syfy does an original movie about vampires and humans teaming up to fight super-vampires... and it's called True Bloodthirst! But also, there's another episode of the best new cartoon series on TV right now. Also, check out new sneak peeks of Eureka, Futurama, Ultimate Spider-Man and much, much more!

Top image: True Bloodthirst.


Eureka (9 PM, Syfy):
It's the penultimate episode! And, I guess, it's what would have been the end of the season, if Syfy hadn't cancelled the show while giving the producers one extra episode to wrap everything up. This is the second part of the "evil duplicates" storyline: "The doubles steadily take over GD, which means Fargo, Allison and Zane are in a fight for their lives and everyone else's as they try to avoid capture and fix the problem."

Teen Wolf (10 PM, MTV):
What are you going to do when your stupid boyfriend turns on you? Actually, this episode looks pretty great — I love the shot of the guy jumping over the library bookshelves without anyone noticing. Here's the blurb: "As Lydia begins to make connections about the bite from Peter, Jackson causes new problems for Scott and Stiles while Derek has a crisis of faith in his leadership as a new Alpha."

Lost Girl (10 PM, Syfy):
Here's what to expect from "Masks":

Bo and Dyson seek an artifact that may release Lauren from her life of servitude to the Fae.



Sadly, there's just not much on television tonight at all... Time to catch up on your Warehouse 13 rewatch in preparation for that show's return later this month.


Also on TV tonight: There's a new Total Drama on Cartoon Network at 7:30 PM. And a brand new Mysteries at the Museum on Travel at 9 PM.


Iron Man: Armored Adventures (8:30 PM, Nicktoons):
We're almost at the end of the season, and things are getting kinda crazy. I'm glad Pepper's getting some appreciation. Here's what to expect, according to the show's wiki:

Pepper gets her own suit by Tony, Gene finds the tenth Makluan ring, and the guardian turns out to be a Makluan. The Makluan reveals that Gene was not suited to be the Madarin and that Pepper was. Howard Stark reveals to Tony that he knew his secret identity the whole time.

Futurama (10 PM, Comedy Central):
Bad enough that Leela hooked up with Zapp Branigan — now Leela's mom is dating him, too! The potential for mortification seems quite high. Leela tries to seduce Zapp away from her mom, while Leela's father dreams of surfing the great sewer waves of the world.


Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman (10 PM, Science):
This time, Lucius Fox wants to know, "Can we resurrect the dead?"

What if death wasn't the end?

It may sound impossible, but in fact we already have the basic tools needed to raise the dead. At Yale/New Haven hospital, surgeons freeze heart patients to death, then bring them back again. Dr. Lance Becker believes the key to cheating death is to silence a "death signal" that's triggered deep inside our cells when we're in trauma. By interrupting that signal, we can stop or reverse the dying process.

Geneticist Robert Lanza brings extinct animals back to life, and he says the technology exists to bring back dead humans. Einstein or Mozart could live again...or the loved ones we have lost. But will society ever permit human cloning?


Also on TV tonight: A brand spanking new Dragon Ball GT on Nicktoons at 8 PM. ("Goku's Ascension.")


Tron: Uprising (8 PM, Disney XD):
Someone's getting an upgrade! Here's what's up in "Price of Power":

Beck intercepts a secret weapon that gives any program who wears it increased strength and agility, but also makes the program more aggressive and reckless. Tron orders Beck to destroy the power-mod, but Beck secretly defies Tron and keeps the weapon for himself. After Beck, wearing the power-mod, brazenly attacks Tesler in his own base, everyone at the garage is put in danger when the Occupation decides to take programs captive to force The Renegade's hand.

Motorcity (8:30 PM, Disney XD):
It's inevitable — you can't have a dystopian future any more without taking pot shots at reality TV:

After a few weeks of harmony in Motorcity, Mike jumps at the chance to bring a container of hazardous waste back to the refinery. Once on the road, the Burners discover that the job is all part of The Duke of Detroit's dangerous new reality show, with Mike and the Burners trapped as the stars.

Saving Hope (9 PM, NBC):
Are you ready for another hour of lens flare, medical soap opera and supernatural tragic romance? This one sounds like a doozy:

When a severely injured man under the spell of hypnosis can't remember his identity, the hypnotist who put him under is called into the hospital - where he uses his psychic ability to connect Charlie and Alex.


I love the fact that the hypnotist actually has real psychic abilities, that's a neat touch.

Also on TV tonight: There's another new Dragon Ball GT at 8 PM on Nicktoons, "The Tuffle Gorilla Attacks!" That's followed by a new Monsuno at 8:30 PM. Plus a brand new Wilfred on FX at 10 PM.


Comic Con All Access Live (4 PM, Spike):
Can't go to San Diego this week, and sad to be missing out on the frenzy and the glory? Here's the next best thing. (Or maybe the next next best thing.)

Spike TV announced today that the network's live "All Access" multi-platform franchise, which covers the biggest events in gaming, pop culture and technology, will return with "Comic-Con All Access Live." The live event which airs on Spike TV, in HD, on Friday, July 13, from 4:00 – 7:00pm ET/1:00 – 4:00pm PT, will be the command center for all of the top entertainment headlines during the event, and the Comic-Con viewing party destination for fans at home. "Comic-Con All Access Live" will cover the top panels and announcements from the event, host the hottest stars of the genre, including Mark Hamill, Kevin Smith, Zachary Levi and much more.

Can You Survive A Horror Movie? (9 PM, Chiller):
You don't want to wait until it's too late to find out the answer to this question. Here are the deets:

Have you ever watched a horror film, reveling in the gruesome deaths of twenty-something teenagers and idiotic frat-boys, and thought that you could do better? Ever imagined that you could out-wit a slow-moving psychopath? Have you walked into a room and immediately sized-up which objects could be used as weapons in the event of a zombie attack? Do you think that you'd stand a chance against Freddy, Jason and Myers?

Chiller's upcoming special Can You Survive a Horror Movie? will put those thoughts to the test as we explore the best tips and tricks for conquering the classic death-dealing scenarios.

Gravity Falls (9:30 PM, Disney):
Many people seem to agree this show is the best new cartoon on television right now, so this is a perfect time to jump in and get up to speed! Here's what happens in "The Inconveniencing":

When Dipper tries to impress Wendy by acting older than he really is, he's invited to join a group of teenagers that leads to an old abandoned convenience store that may be haunted. Mabel tags along for the ride but gets sidetracked when she sees a discontinued line of flavored candies that sends her on an unexpected adventure.


Check out a clip!

Chasing UFOs (10 PM, National Geographic):
This week, it's "A UFO Landing Zone?". Note the careful use of a question mark — they're not telling you this is a UFO landing zone, just raising the question.

For decades, the skies above the desert sands of Roswell, N.M., have been home to thousands of reports of unidentified flying objects. But one particular home video has the Chasing UFO's team in hot pursuit of the truth.



Kaijudo: Rise of the Duel Masters (The Hub, 8 PM):
Here's the description for "The Hunted":

The Choten's minion and an evil puppet search for Ray and his pals, who are hiding out at school after saving a baby fire creature.

True Bloodthirst (Syfy, 9 PM):
Yes, any resemblance between the title of this Syfy Original Movie and a certain HBO series is purely accidental. You have to admire their moxie, especially right after its own parent company filed a lawsuit over American Battleship, (which was renamed American Warship.) In any case, lest you worry that you won't be able to tell these two vampire stories apart, here's the full description for True Bloodthirst:

Vampires and humans live in a future world where they co-exist - barely. Now, both groups find themselves under attack by a new species of super vampire. The surviving humans and vampires join forces to obliterate the vicious man-sized bat vampires which threaten to shatter the uneasy peace between the two species. A production of UFO Films, True Bloodthirst stars Andrew Lee Potts (Primeval) and Neil Jackson (Quantum of Solace).


Potts fans should be over the moon about this one.


Ultimate Spider-Man (11 AM, Disney XD):
In "Awesome," Peter and Luke are trying to finish their science project — but the Juggernaut keeps attacking. And meanwhile, their science project goes wrong and spawns an even bigger menace. And then in Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, it's "Secret Invasion." Which is just what it sounds like. The Avengers are facing not just a ton of Skrulls, but an army of Super-Skrulls. Booyah! Check out a new Ultimate Spider-Man trailer for Comic Con, showcasing upcoming episodes.

Falling Skies (9 PM, TNT):
Here's what to expect from "Homecoming":

Hal stumbles across bodies of de-harnessed kids and finds someone from his past. Tom and Anne grow closer. And Weaver's health deteriorates just as Tom discovers he may have been keeping important matters from the group in order to protect them.

True Blood (9 PM, HBO):
What? True Bloodthirst didn't already take care of your need for vampire cheese for this week? Okay, fine. Here's what you'll be getting with "Hopeless":

The Authority comes for Bill and Eric; Roman maps out his strategy for dealing with Russell.


I like how they make it sound as though each episode just has one or two plots.

Breaking Bad (10 PM, AMC):
Our favorite show about a science teacher gone wrong is back! And this is the season that everything hits the fan.

As Walt deals with the aftermath of the Casa Tranquila explosion, Hank works to wrap up his investigation of Gus' empire.


Check out a clip, where Walt pretends not to know about Gus' illegal activities.

Also on TV tonight: Leverage returns at 8 PM on TNT. And Adult Swim has the series premiere of the new blacksploitation show Black Dynamite at 11:30 PM, followed by a new Aqua Teen Hunger Force at midnight and the season finale of Metalocalpyse at 12:15 AM.

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