This Week's TV: Pee-Wee Herman Comes to Gotham, and Is Darth Vader's Secret Revealed?

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This week’s television includes the series finales of the beloved Lost Girl, and the slightly less beloved Second Chance. Stitchers returns for a slightly retooled second season, while iZombie, Arrow and The Flash come back from hiatus! My body is ready—is yours? It’s all on This Week’s TV.


Gotham (8PM, FOX)

Mad Grey Dawn

“Gordon and Bullock investigate a trail of clues left in a museum robbery, which, unbeknownst to them, were left by Nygma in a dangerous game of cat-and-mouse. Meanwhile, Gordon’s past comes back to haunt him when an anonymous person threatens to expose his hand in Galavan’s murder. Also, Penguin’s visit to some old friends leads him to meet his father, Elijah Van Dalh (guest star Paul Reubens), and Bruce practices his street smarts.”


Paul Reubens debuts!

Supergirl (8PM, CBS)


“ J’onn J’onzz reveals the details of meeting Kara and Alex’s father, Dr. Jeremiah Danvers (Dean Cain), and assuming Hank Henshaw’s identity. Also, Kara debates trusting someone new with her secret identity and Siobhan (Italia Ricci) plots against Kara.”

Dean Cain strikes back!

The Magicians (9PM, SYFY)


“Penny learns for himself that the world of the Neitherlands is not as friendly as he had assumed. As Quentin and Alice work to save their friend, Julia faces opposition as she tries to join an eclectic group of magicians knowns as the Free Traders.”


“Fountains and plazas! They all lead to different worlds!”

“If I try to travel BACK, I could end up DEAD.”

Lucifer (9PM, FOX)

A Priest Walks Into a Bar

“A priest seeks out Lucifer’s help when he suspects an underground drug operation has set up shop at a neighborhood youth center. Meanwhile, Malcolm manipulates a way to keep an eye on Dan in.”


An imperiled youth center is really more of a “season two” kind of story, but I trust Lucifer/Baal/Mammon/Asmodeus implicitly.

Damien (10PM, A&E)

The Deliverer

“Damien consults an old friend about Rutledge’s intentions; Simone turns to the Church for answers; Shay gets an unexpected visitor; Rutledge gains Damien’s trust.”


Damien finally gets a positive mentor in Barbara Hershey.

Blindspot (10PM, NBC)

Rules in Defiance

“An anonymous tip leads the team to investigate an urgent death row case, ultimately sending Zapata (Audrey Esparza) undercover. After nearly getting caught during the mole hunt, Jane (Jaimie Alexander) considers leaving the FBI.”


Lost Girl (10PM, SYFY)


The series finale!

Also on tonight: 11.22.63 (3:01AM, HULU), Bates Motel (9PM, A&E),


The Flash (8PM, CW)


“Deciding to blow off some steam, Barry and the team head out for a night on the town only to encounter an unexpected speedster who is up to no good. Iris is challenged by an assignment from her new boss (guest star Tone Bell), and is surprised when friction turns to flirtation.”


The Flash returns this week—with Trajectory and Tone Bell!

iZombie (9PM, CW)

He Blinded Me…With Science

“While investigating the murder of a research scientist who was recently demoted at her job, Liv (Rose McIver) and Detective Babineaux are shocked to learn where she had been employed. Meanwhile, Blaine pays Ravi a visit at the morgue, and Liv discovers something new about Drake (guest star Greg Finley). Lastly, Vaughn du Clark (guest star Steven Weber) confronts Major.”


iZombie is also back this week! I can start to feel normal again…

Agents of SHIELD (9PM, ABC)

Parting Shot

“Bobbi and Hunter become ensnared in an assassination plot after tracking Malick to Russia. As S.H.I.E.L.D. races to save the lives on the line, the team is changed forever.”


Limitless (10PM, CBS)

A Dog’s Breakfast

“Brian’s double life unravels when Senator Morra (Bradley Cooper) makes contact just as Brian’s placed under 24-hour surveillance by the FBI following his rogue trip to Russia. Also, Mike and Ike tell an already suspicious Rebecca about Brian’s off-book interaction with Morra’s henchman, Sands.”


Stitchers (10PM, FREEFORM)


“After Kirsten successfully brings Cameron back from the dead, she experiences an unexpected side effect: her temporal dysplasia is gone and she has real emotions for the first time since childhood. When a mystery involving Les Turner (Oded Fehr) forces the lab to go on lockdown placing a cloud of suspicion around Maggie, the team must find out what really happened, and fast. Kirsten’s latest stitch leads to a shocking discovery and an important memory involving her biological father. Meanwhile, Camille tries to cheer up an unhappy Fisher as he recovers from his wounds.”


Season premiere!

Also on Tuesday: Shadowhunters (9PM, FREEFORM)


From Comics To Film (8PM, TCM)

An all-night marathon of serials from the 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s, starring Batman, Superman, Green Hornet, Buck Rogers, Flash Gordon and The Phantom!


Arrow (8PM, CW)

Broken Hearts

“A heartbroken Cupid (guest star Amy Gumenick) returns to Star City with one goal - to destroy anyone in love. The team learns she’s killing couples on their wedding day so Oliver and Felicity decide to pose as bait.”


Cupid’s back with one of those great gimmicky theme-murder stories!

Supernatural (9PM, CW)

Safe House

“A dangerous creature is accidentally released into an old house, attacking a mother and her child, leaving them both in a coma. Sam and Dean learn that Bobby (guest star Jim Beaver) and Rufus (guest star Steven Williams) once tracked the same entity so the Winchesters look to the past to come up with a plan to catch the monster before any one dies.”


Star Wars: Rebels (9PM, DISNEY XD)

The Mystery of Chopper Base

“Kanan, Ezra and Ahsoka prepare to depart to unravel Vader’s secret, while the rebels find a way to fend off the predatory creatures that occupy the planet.”


Spider aliens who use their abdomen to camouflage themselves as boulders!

Also on Wednesday: Face Off (9PM, SYFY), The Americans (10PM, FX)


The Crow (12AM, EL REY)

The film that refuses to be remade!

Superman II, III & IV (5PM, SYFY)

Lemora: A Child’s Tale of the Supernatural (2:15AM, TCM)

If you’re up late, check out this gorgeous gothic horror film starring the great Cheryl, “Rainbeaux” Smith—former drummer of The Runaways, and lead vocalist/drummer in her own band, L.A. Girls! She’s the best.

Also on Thursday: Clarence (5PM, CARTOON), Lego Nexo Knights (6:30PM, CARTOON), We Bare Bears (7PM, CARTOON), You, Me and the Apocalypse (8PM, NBC), Mysteries at the Castle: Witchfinder General (9PM, TRAVEL), Vikings (10PM, HISTORY)


Sleepy Hollow (8PM, FOX)

Dawn’s Early Light

“As The Hidden One grows stronger, Crane must examine his past with Betsy Ross to find the key to stopping him. Meanwhile, Jenny wonders if she can ever have a relationship with her father, and Abbie faces a hard decision as things with Reynolds become more strained.”


Grimm (9PM, NBC)


“Following a brutal attack in the woods, Nick and Hank stumble upon a terrifying Wesen disease that may be the inspiration for the modern-day werewolf myth. Meanwhile, Adalind is offered an uneasy alliance that may help her get back what she wants most. Elsewhere, Eve’s investigation uncovers a surprising revelation.


They really haven’t done werewolves yet?

Second Chance (9PM, FOX)


“Pritchard and Duval race against the clock to save Gracie from Connor (guest star Adan Canto) and Otto’s life-threatening experiment. But time is quickly running out for Pritchard, as well, since there is no tank in which he can regenerate. Meanwhile, Mary, with the help of Alexa, does everything she can to try and unlock the code to save Pritchard’s life before it’s too late, and Otto wrestles with his conscience and the decisions he’s made that have changed lives forever.”


Series finale!

Also on Friday: Animals (11:30PM, HBO)


Adventure Time (7PM, CARTOON)

Broke His Crown

When Ice King’s magic crown goes haywire, Marceline and Princess Bubblegum resort to extreme measures to help him.


The Scorpion King Marathon (1:30PM, SYFY)

Finally, you can see the Scorpion King quadrilogy the way it was meant to be seen: completely out of chronological order. The marathon kicks off with part two at one-thirty.


Henry Danger (8PM, NICK)

Indestructible Henry, Part II

“When Henry gets an unexpected side-effect from going through the Densiziter, he must hide the side-effect from his family at dinner while the gang works to help Henry return to his normal self.”


Svengoolie Presents The Invisible Man (10PM, MeTV)

Also on Saturday: Transformers: Robots in Disguise (6:30AM, CARTOON), Pokemon XYZ (7PM, CARTOON), Black Sails (9PM, STARZ), Beowulf, (10PM, ESQUIRE)


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (11AM, NICK)

Trans-Dimensional Turtles

“The Turtles are transported to another dimension where they meet their 1980s counterparts and work together to battle Krang.”


Airing THIS Sunday. For real, this time.

Once Upon a Time (8PM, ABC)

The Brothers Jones

“The one person who can help destroy Hades exposes a devastating truth that will tear two lovers apart.”


Walking Dead (9PM, AMC)


“When someone goes missing in Alexandria, the community goes on alert, and search parties venture out.”


Also on Sunday: Guardians of the Galaxy (8AM, DISNEY XD), Avengers: Ultron Revolution (8:30AM, DISNEY XD), Ultimate Spider-Man vs The Sinister Six (9PM, DISNEY XD), Elementary (10PM, CBS), Comic Book Men (12AM, AMC)

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