Syfy's latest show has some cowboy elements, on an Earth that's been transformed by an extreme event. But is it more like Firefly, or Revolution? Also this week: Eli Roth brings non-campy horror back to television. And Gravity Falls is back! Clips and details for this week's TV, right here...

Top image: Hemlock Grove.


Adventure Time (7:30 PM, Cartoon Network):

Check out a clip from this week's episode, in which poor B-Mo gets carried away by an eagle and then has to find his way home. Poor B-Mo! There's also a new Regular Show.

Defiance (9 PM, Syfy):

It's the first episode of the show that Syfy has bet the farm on. We really liked the first few episodes, in spite of some clichéd elements and silliness. It's definitely not the new Firefly — or the new Battlestar Galactica, no matter how much Syfy may want it to be. Instead, it's more like the new Eureka, which works for us. Here's what Syfy wants you to know about tonight's two-hour premiere:

Set in the near future, Defiance introduces an exotically transformed planet Earth, its landscapes permanently altered following the sudden - and tumultuous - arrival of seven unique alien races. In this somewhat unknown and unpredictable landscape, the richly diverse, newly-formed civilization of humans and aliens must learn to co-exist peacefully.

Revolution (10 PM, NBC):

Sorry we spaced on recapping last week's episode — in which we learned what caused the blackout, and it wasn't an EMP thing at all. The only thing we really wanted to say about that episode is: Why doesn't anybody kill Randall when they get 1,000 chances to do so? If Randall dies, Monroe goes back to being fairly useless. This week: half our heroes are off to try and stop Monroe nuking Georgia, while the other half are off to the Tower. And Monroe freaks out over Neville's desertion. Oh, and are you ready for the Miles-Nora-Rachel love triangle? I didn't think so.


Also on TV tonight: There's a new episode of The Following at 9 PM on Fox. There's also a new Alien Mysteries on DA at 10 PM.


Robot Combat League (10 PM, Syfy):

This is the only thing on TV tonight, and it's the semifinals! The final four battle it out with "bot bashing action!"


Nature (8 PM, PBS):

This show explores "The Mystery of Eels": "Join artist, writer and naturalist James Prosek as he sheds light on the mysterious eel." And that's followed by a brand new Nova at 9 PM, in which we once again learn more about the first 4 billion years of Australia.


Also on TV tonight: Syfy has more Deep South Paranormal at 10 PM, while USA has a new Psych.


The Vampire Diaries (8 PM, The CW):

I am pretty sure the way that Elena acts out is actually one that everyone could have predicted:

PROM NIGHT IN MYSTIC FALLS — After making a decision that infuriates Klaus (Joseph Morgan), Elijah (Daniel Gillies) proposes a life-changing challenge for Rebekah (Claire Holt). Caroline (Caroline Accola) finds that her carefully laid plans for the perfect Senior Prom night are disrupted by Elena (Nina Dobrev), so she turns to an amused Klaus for a solution. Determined to get through to Elena, Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Stefan (Paul Wesley) both attend the prom, but the evening begins to spiral out of control despite their efforts. When Elena suddenly lashes out in a way no one could have predicted, Matt (Zach Roerig) turns to Rebekah for help. Finally, Bonnie (Kat Graham) makes a terrifying discovery, and Klaus receives a message that could change everything


Community (8 PM, NBC):

It's called "Intro To Knots," and features the gang taking matters into their own hands when they invite Malcolm McDowell to their party and he makes it clear he's going to give them all a bad grade. Expect to see Malcolm McDowell in bondage, basically.

Beauty and the Beast (9 PM, The CW):

Everybody loves Cat!

EVAN LEADS MUIRFIELD TO VINCENT — Evan (Max Brown) confesses his love to Cat (Kristin Kreuk) and admits that he tipped off Muirfield to Vincent’s (Jay Ryan) whereabouts. Meanwhile, Gabe (Sendhil Ramamurthy) finds evidence that someone in the department is a mole who was working with the vigilante.

Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell (Midnight, Adult Swim): A brand new 15-minute series that looks like a lot of crazy fun!

Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell is a live-action workplace comedy about Gary, an associate demon, as he attempts to capture souls on earth in order to climb the corporate ladder of the underworld. Gary hopes to advance in Hell, but he may be too stupid, lazy and kind-hearted to realize his dreams of promotion. Meanwhile, Gary's intern Claude is more talented, more devious and will do whatever it takes to impress Satan.


Also on TV tonight: Weather has the season finale of Forecasting The End at 9 PM, about apocalyptic tsunamis.


Transformers Prime (7:30 PM, The Hub):

Ready for more George Takei Alpha Trion action? Of course you are.

Gravity Falls (9 PM, Disney):

We missed this show! And it sounds like it's back with an especially wrongtastic episode, "Boyz Crazy":

When Mabel discovers that her favorite boy band is actually a bunch of imprisoned clones, she sets them free, only to decide on keeping them for herself. Meanwhile, Dipper is convinced that Robbie plans to brainwash Wendy with a secret message hidden inside one of his songs.

Grimm (9 PM, NBC):

This time, the stakes are a bit higher than just a few murders or bank robberies. They want to drown Powells Books in lava!

THINGS HEAT UP IN PORTLAND WHEN NICK FACES A VILLAIN UNLIKE ANY OTHER - Nick (David Giuntoli) finds himself fighting a wildly different sort of nature freak in a desperate attempt to keep a volcano from burying Portland in lava. Meanwhile a pregnant Adalind (Claire Coffee) meets a powerful new ally (guest star Shohreh Aghdashloo) in Europe. Meanwhile, Juliette (Bitsie Tulloch) seeks out help after becoming overwhelmed by the latest side effect of her recovery - multiple memories of Nick showing up everywhere.

Da Vinci's Demons (9 PM, Starz):

Ready for more intrigue, mysticism, conspiracies, anachronistic/magical inventions and glittery nipples? Of course you are. Here's what's up: "Leonardo continues his quest for the Book of Leaves. The Pope’s nephew arrives and meets his spy. Leonardo’s war designs fail, causing a rift with the Medicis. The Pope learns of Leonardo’s prowess." I hope the scene where the Pope learns of Leonardo's prowess involves a LOT of nudity.


Also on TV tonight: There's a brand new Nikita on The CW at 8 PM. There's are two new episodes of Yu-Gi-Oh! on Nicktoons at 9 PM. And a new Phineas & Ferb on Disney at 9:30 PM.


Doctor Who (8 PM, BBC America):

Now that we've had an old school "monster in a confined space" episode, we're getting a spooky ghost-hunter episode! The Doctor and Clara are tracking something called the "Witch of the Well," and we're guessing that's not a particularly magical member of the early 1990s discussion forum.


Orphan Black (9 PM, BBC America):

How much longer can Sarah pretend to be a cop?

Sarah realizes that the Orphans’ survival is going to take more than police work. But tracking the killer threatens Sarah’s long awaited reunion with her daughter, Kira. As Sarah gets closer to the killer, the killer gets closer to the truth – the ensuing showdown threatens to expose her ruse as a cop.


Also on TV today: A new Max Steel on Cartoon Network at 9 AM. And a new Monsters Vs. Aliens on Nickelodeon at 11:30 AM. Science has a brand new Oddities at 9 PM, while at the same time Nickelodeon has a new Supah Ninjas.


Hemlock Grove (All day, Netflix):

Not sure exactly when this goes up, but Netflix is posting all 13 episodes of this werewolf series, based on Brian McGreevy's novel, at the same time on Sunday. We really liked the gruesome eye-popping transformation scene (warning: spoilers!) that we saw at Wondercon. And it sounds like a fun magical soap opera, with writing from Battlestar Galactica's Mark Verheiden. At the same time, a lot depends on how much you like "gothic slow boil" storytelling about murders in a small town.


Once Upon a Time (8 PM, ABC):

This show does a lot of wacky stuff, but when they ask questions like, "would Emma want to go live in the fairytale land or stay in the real world," it's actually really interesting. We hope.

"Lacey" - Mr. Gold enlists the aid of David to help him try to jog Belle's now cursed memories and get her to love him again; and when it is revealed that the magic beans Anton (Jorge Garcia, "Lost") and the dwarves have been harvesting have begun to grow and could possibly transport everybody home, Emma is torn over whether she would want to live in fairytale land or stay in our world. Meanwhile, in the fairytale land that was, Rumplestiltskin forces Belle to accompany him on a hunt to kill a thief, whom she had freed in the name of mercy.

Game of Thrones (9 PM, HBO):

Looking forward to seeing some of our favorite bits from the books on screen, especially the bit where "Daenerys exchanges a chain for a whip." Plus how is Jaime going to juggle now? Find out this week!

The Night's Watch takes stock. Varys (Conleth Hill) meets his better. Arya is taken to the commander of the Brotherhood. Daenerys exchanges a chain for a whip.


Also on TV today: Nicktoons has the second season premiere of Monsuno at 9 PM.

Sources: Futon Critic, MSN TV, TV Guide, and various TV studio press releases.


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