Game of Thrones won't come back for another nine months or so — but this week's television is still all about the Thrones. First, get some major insights from the show's producers. Then, watch Daenerys romance Zoidberg on Futurama. Oh, and celebrate the most underappreciated Doctor Who star.

Here are clips and tons of details all this week's television!

Top image: Game of Thrones


Rewind (9 PM, Syfy):

Syfy is airing the two-hour pilot for its TV show about a team who has to go back in time to stop a terrorist attack. This show comes from the same production company as Syfy's old show Alphas, and the pilot guest-stars David Cronenberg. Yes, the famous movie director. Plus Jeff Fahey. According to Deadline, Cronenberg plays "a brilliant scientist and Nobel Prize winner who becomes unhinged after his wife’s death. He comes up with a dangerous plot to change the course of history. Fahey is a former NASA aerospace engineer with Zen-like wisdom who serves as the spiritual backbone of the time travel team." This could be a pretty fascinating watch. (Thanks, wcgall!)

The Writers Room (10 PM, Sundance):

This time around, this show focuses on the writers of Game of Thrones, the hit HBO series. This is probably the closest thing there is to a must-watch of the week. Just because the insights are bound to be pretty fascinating — and how often do you get to watch Dean Pelton from Community asking people about dragons and magic? Other than in your dreams, I mean. Check out a sneak peek above!

Under The Dome (10 PM, CBS):

Sigh. You know how every show has to do a "Fight Club" episode? Like, Torchwood had a fight club with weevils? And I think Grimm had a Wesen fight club? And so on? Well, brace yourself — this week, Under the Dome is going where every show has gone before. Here's the official synopsis: "Julia uncovers the truth about her husband's disappearance and unravels some of Chester's Mill's darkest secrets. Meanwhile, Maxine shows Barbie how she plans to take control of the town."


Also on TV tonight: At 9 PM, the Weather Channel has a new episode of Why Planes Crash. NBC has another new Siberia at 10 PM, in which some of the "contestants" mysteriously disappear, and the supernatural elements get more intense.


Johnny Test/Teen Titans Go! (7:00 PM, Cartoon Network):

First Bling-Bling uses Fairy-Tale Spray to make Susan think he's her Prince Charming and Johnny has to save her from living happily ever after. Then the Teen Titans believe they're sure to win a dodgeball tournament, until stuff happens, etc.

Also on TV tonight: Discovery has a new Doomsday Preppers at 9 PM, followed by a new Doomsday Castle. Syfy has a new Face-Off at 9, followed by a new Heroes of Cosplay. There's also another episode of Bang Goes The Theory on BBC America at 9:40 PM.


FanAddicts! (10 PM, Reelz):

In a week when there's just not much on television, it's worth mentioning the debut of this reality series about obsessed fans. I guess. Actually, the above clip is pretty cute. Here's the blurb:

FanAddicts! ... goes inside the world's most incredible movie memorabilia collections and introduces viewers to the unforgettable fans who will stop at nothing to obtain a new item. Despite their homes, storage lockers and garages overflowing, these fans persist in a never-ending quest for more rare collectibles from their favorite movies. Classic Batman Adam West is the voice of the series taking viewers inside the lives of these obsessed aficionados. The FanAddicts! premiere features two back-to-back episodes starting at 10pm with "FanAddicts!: Harry Potter" followed by "FanAddicts!: Superman" at 10:30pm.


Futurama (10 PM, Cartoon Network):

It's a Zoidberg-centric episode — featuring Daenerys from Game of Thrones:

A girl named Marianne (voiced by English actress Emilia Clarke) falls in love with Zoidberg as she cannot smell his foul odours, due to being born with no sense of smell. However, Zoidberg (being a doctor) could give her the opportunity to have her sense of smell repaired with a nose transplant, creating a dilemma that could end their relationship. Meanwhile, Bender faces off in a deadly tap-dancing competition.


Also on TV tonight: There's a new Amazing World of Gumball on Cartoon Network at 7:30 PM, followed by a new Legends of Chima at 8. At 10 PM, there's the season finale of Joe Rogan Questions Everything on Syfy.


Nothing to see here. Except for the premiere of something called Attack of the Celebrity Bikinis — but I don't think they're actually attacking in a lethal fashion.


Also on TV tonight: At 9 PM, there's a new Mysteries at the Museum on Travel. At 10 PM, there's a new Wilfred on FX, plus the season finale of Unsealed: Alien Files on Discover America. And at 12:15 AM, there's a new NTSF:SD:SUV on Adult Swim.


Continuum (10 PM, Syfy):

The season finale, people! Having already watched this episode, I can report that it answers a lot of your questions, and raises a ton of others. Events unfold at a breakneck pace, alliances are made, friendships are broken, and most of it sort of makes sense. And most importantly, this show finishes out an incredibly strong second season with a great final hour. If you've slept on this show, you should definitely get caught up.


Also on TV tonight: The Hub Network has a new Kaijudo: Rise of the Duel Masters at 6:30 PM.


Doctor Who: The Doctors Revisited (8 PM, BBC America):

He's either the longest-serving Doctor or the shortest, depending on your point of view. Paul McGann played the Doctor in the 1996 TV movie — which we just rewatched this past weekend, and which has now become a nice camp bit of fun, instead of a crushing embarrassment, I'm happy to report. And then McGann remained the "official" Doctor until the show returned to television in 2005. And McGann's tenure includes a number of audio-only adventures, some of which are quite terrific. So now, here's your chance to rediscover the forgotten Doctor.


Also on TV today: A brand new Max Steel on Disney XD at 8 AM, followed by Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures. There's a new Slugterra on Disney XD at 10 PM.


My Little Pony: Equestria Girls (Noon, The Hub):

So I guess this TV movie has already been in a limited theatrical release and is also out on DVD already — so you've probably already seen it, right? But in case you haven't, this is the infamous feature where Twilight Sparkle goes through a magic portal to "our" world and becomes a human. It has a whopping 6.2 out of 10 on IMDB.


Also on TV today: Nicktoons has two new Yu-Gi-Oh! Episodes at 11 AM. At 9 PM, AMC has a brand new Breaking Bad, in which plans are set in motion that could change everything, while an unusual strategy bears fruit. At 10 PM, H2 has another episode of Stan Lee's Superhumans, focusing on someone with "fingers of steel."

Sources: Futon Critic, MSN TV, TV Guide, and various TV studio press release


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