This Week's TV: A Noir Comic By Alejandro Jodorowsky Comes To Life!

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Agents of Shield introduces us to the love of Agent Coulson's life: Amy Acker's cellist. We get a chance to get caught up on From Dusk Till Dawn, Lana gets ready to give birth on Archer, and Metal Hurlant Chronicles brings and Alejandro Jodorowsky comic to the small screen. See all the details below!



Star-Crossed (8 PM, The CW)

What's better than an emergency school lock-in? An emergency school lock-in with a doped up alien:

A hurricane suddenly hits the town and everyone is trapped inside the school. Teri (Chelsea Gilligan) drugs Roman (Matt Lanter), which leaves him very paranoid and very angry. While drugged he says some very hurtful things to Emery (Aimee Teegarden) that alter their relationship. Taylor (Natalie Hall) convinces Drake (Greg Finley) that they should go public as a couple. However, when Grayson (Grey Damon) overhears the couple talking, he blackmails Drake into breaking up with Taylor. Meanwhile, Julia (Malese Jow) turns to Emery for help after Eva (guest star Stephanie Jacobsen) threatens her.

Warehouse 13 (9 PM, Syfy)

Peter and Myka encounter two Secret Service agents who force them to reconsider their own relationship, and Artie tries to show Claudia the truth about her sister.


The Tomorrow People (9 PM, The CW)

With the possible return of Roger (guest star Jeffrey Pierce) on the horizon, everyone is concerned about the consequences if The Founder (guest star Simon Merrells) were to find out. Stephen (Robbie Amell) now knows the truth about the machine The Founder has been using him to train in and needs John (Luke Mitchell) and Cara's (Peyton List) help to destroy it. Meanwhile, Russell (Aaron Yoo) and other Tomorrow People have lost hope they will ever find The Refuge and choose to head out on their own.

Archer (10 PM, FX)

Lana is giving birth in the finale of Archer's Vice season and Archer helps with the delivery. Meanwhile, Krieger is trying to stop a different kind of delivery—one of weapons.

Metal Hurlant Chronicles (10 PM, Syfy)

Tonight's episodes are "Master of Destiny" (based on the comic "Les Maîtres du Destin" by Alejandro Jodorowsky and Adi Granov)—about a hero who travels to the end of the galaxy in search of a distant race and finds more than he bargained for—and "Whiskey in a Jar"—about a small-town doctor whose life-saving skill set may be more than it appears to be.



Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (8 PM, ABC)

Everything may be topsy-turvy at S.H.I.E.L.D., but Coulson still has his one true love: the cellist, played by Amy Acker. And when her life is threatened, Coulson rushes to protect her.

The Originals (8 PM, The CW)

The tensions between the various factions explode—quite literally:

Desperate to help Kieran (guest star Todd Stashwick), Cami (Leah Pipes) insists on an unconventional treatment, but her good intentions lead Kieran to a violent episode. After Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and Elijah (Daniel Gillies) disagree over the best way to handle the Crescent Wolves, Elijah makes a trip to the bayou, where he is witness to a horrific explosion that only adds to the hatred and mistrust among the communities. While Jackson (guest star Nathan Parsons) and Elijah work to save the wounded, Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) learns a surprising piece of her family history from Marcel (Charles Michael Davis).

Supernatural (9 PM, The CW)

Family is family, even when you're a human among the bloodsuckers:

Sheriff Mills (guest star Kim Rhodes) calls Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) after she kills a vampire who attacked a prisoner named Annie (guest star Katherine Ramdeen). They discover Annie was kidnapped by a family of vampires who use her as bait to lure in humans they can then feed on. Sheriff Mills tries to rescue Annie from her captors, but finds out the hard way that family always comes first.

Jim Henson's Creature Shop Challenge (10 PM, Syfy)

Lady Gaga's unicorn serves as the inspiration for this week's challenge, in which the creators have to create a larger-than-life puppet with realistic movement, which will be performed on a black light soundstage.



Johnny Test (6 PM, Cartoon Network)

Johnny goes to extreme measures to keep Gil from moving.

Teen Titans Go! (6:30 PM, Cartoon Network)

After an exciting night of crime fighting, the Teen Titans go to sleep for the night and each one has unique dreams of their own.

Steven Universe (7 PM, Cartoon Network)

Steven and Connie try to ride Lion to the movie theatre but Lion has other ideas.


Arrow (8 PM, The CW)

Is there any way to save Roy after his exposure to the mirakuru serum?

The mirakuru sends Roy (Colton Haynes) into an uncontrollable rage and he unleashes on the city. After Roy's deadly fight with a police officer, Oliver (Stephen Amell) realizes the mirakuru has taken over Roy completely and must figure out a way to stop him. Things get more complicated after Sara (Caity Lotz) declares that Roy is too far gone and the only way to stop him is to kill him. Meanwhile, Thea (Willa Holland) believes she can breakthrough to Roy so she goes on camera at Moira's (Susanna Thompson) campaign rally to lure him to Verdant. Her ploy works but after Roy attacks Thea, Team Arrow unleashes on him.


The 100 (9 PM, The CW)

Last episode was gave us a huge shock aboard the Ark, so what happens next?

Bellamy (Bob Morley) leads his crew into Grounder territory as they search for Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos). Raven (guest star Lindsey Morgan) can't help but notice the deep connection between Finn (Thomas McDonell) and Clarke (Eliza Taylor). Meanwhile, flashbacks reveal Bellamy's and Octavia's childhood on the Ark. Paige Turco, Isaiah Washington, Henry Ian Cusick, Devon Bostick and Chris Larkin also star.



The Vampire Diaries (8 PM, The CW)

Our immortals flashback to the 1960s:

Stefan (Paul Wesley) tries to distract Elena (Nina Dobrev) from obsessing about the state of her relationship with Damon (Ian Somerhalder), while Bonnie (Kat Graham) does her best to be realistic about how the changes happening on the Other Side will affect her existence as the Anchor. Damon demands the Traveler knife, forcing Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) and Matt (Zach Roerig) to admit it has gone missing. Through flashbacks to election night, 1960, Enzo (guest star Michael Malarkey) reveals to Elena, Stefan and Bonnie that he has learned what happened to his long-lost love, Maggie (guest star Heather Hemmens), and then, with the unwilling help of Liv (guest star Penelope Mitchell) and Luke (guest star Chris Brochu), things take an ugly turn. Trying to calm Enzo down, Damon intervenes, but his words cause Enzo to make a desperate and dangerous decision that leads to a violent confrontation with Stefan. Finally, Markos (guest star Raffi Barsoumian) enlists Sloan's (guest star Caitlin McHugh) help in a ritual designed to break an ancient curse against the Travelers. Tyler (Michael Trevino) is forced to play a dangerous part in the ritual, while witnessing the incredible power the Travelers now possess.


Vikings (10 PM, History)

Ragnar's Viking warriors march on to King Ecbert's villa and are met with a surprisingly vicious welcome party along the way. After a bloody battle both sides must come to new terms.



Grimm (9 PM, NBC)

Is someone out-Grimming Nick?

Nick (David Giuntoli) and Hank (Russell Hornsby) investigate a dangerous female suspect (guest star Jacqueline Toboni) leaving a trail of Wesen in her wake. Elsewhere, Adalind (Claire Coffee) takes measures into her own hands, even if that means forging a dangerous alliance.


Continuum (10 PM, Syfy)

As Kiera works to free a college student caught in a police cover-up, her perspective on police behaviour is thrown into question. Carlos discovers Liber8's influence reaches right inside of VPD. Alec secures an unlikely ally.



Da Vinci's Demons (9 PM, Starz)

Leonardo and Riario are challenged upon entering the Vault of Heaven; Lorenzo participates in King Ferrante's bloody games; and Lucrezia encounters the Turk on her way to Constantinople.


Orphan Black (9 PM, BBC America)

It's Aynsley's funeral and Alison probably isn't going to take it too well:

While Alison struggles with Aynsley's death and Cosima grapples with the worsening symptoms of her mysterious sickness, Sarah enlists Art's help to find Kira and is shocked when she learns where the trail leads.


The Real History of Science Fiction (10 PM, BBC America)

This week, the documentary series looks back at the history of space exploration in science fiction:

What if we could explore the vastness of Space? Science fiction has always fed upon our need to explore – to wonder what is out there. Space journeys from Jules Verne's earliest ideas about attempts to leave our planet, to the Star Wars far away galaxy through to Nichelle Nichols revealing how her groundbreaking role as Lt. Uhura in Star Trek led to her participation in the recruitment of NASA's astronauts. It explores the deep sea inspiration for Avatar, finds out why Ursula K Le Guin wrote The Left Hand of Darkness and discovers how Stanley Kubrick was able to make 2001: A Space Odyssey seem so believable. In addition, the program looks at the way Dune and The Mars Trilogy embraced the challenge of world building and discusses the appeal of the beaten up 'dirty space' of Dark Star and Firefly. From the horrifying scenes of Alien, to the epic spectacle of Star Wars, this is a journey to the stars and the alien encounters that await us there.



From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series (12 PM, El Rey)

Did you miss the boat on the early episodes of From Dusk Till Dawn? Now is your time to get cause up with a marathon of the first six episodes.


Once Upon a Time (8 PM, ABC)

Snow and Charming seek Glinda's help in stopping the Wicked Witch, but they may need to make a grave sacrifice.


Believe (9 PM, NBC)

Can Channing really be subtle enough for an infiltration mission?

Worried that Skouras (Kyle MacLachlan) has developed the ability to locate Bo (Johnny Sequoyah), Winter (Delroy Lindo) sends Channing (Jamie Chung) on a mission to infiltrate the Orchestra campus. Despite Winter's instructions to keep a low profile, Bo is compelled to help a family man who is in over his head.


Game of Thrones (9 PM, HBO)

This week's episode is titled "Oathkeeper," which is very significant for a certain oathbreaker:

Dany balances justice and mercy. Jaime tasks Brienne (Gwendoline Christie) with his honor. Jon secures volunteers while Bran, Jojen (Thomas Brodie-Sangster), Meera (Ellie Kendrick) and Hodor (Kristian Nairn) stumble on shelter.


Resurrection (9 PM, ABC)

Is Arcadia's epidemic linked to the returned?

With the help of Bellamy and Sheriff Fred, Tom leads the charge in the search for Rachael, but her situation becomes increasingly dire as her captors grow more desperate. Maggie and Dr. Ward continue their medical research on the resurrected subjects and a series of shocking discoveries sets them on the brink of a game changing find, however, their focus shifts when Arcadia is suddenly in the throes of an epidemic.


Cosmos (9 PM, Fox)

This week, Neil deGrasse Tyson delves into the history of two female astronomers:

Discover the remarkable story of Annie Jump Cannon (guest voice Marlee Matlin) and Cecilia Payne (guest voice Kirsten Dunst), two incredible women who challenged conventional wisdom and uncovered the real-life story of the stars. Cannon led a group of female astronomers in the early 20th century to catalogue the spectral characters of stars, and two decades later, young British beauty Payne joined forces with Cannon to analyze the data and uncover the chemical compositions of the stars. Later, travel on the Ship of the Imagination to explore the lives and deaths of stars and visit the planet of a star orbiting a globular cluster.


Salem (10 PM, WGN)

John investigates what's really going on in Salem as the fear over witches rises; and Mary prepares to execute a plan.


Robot Chicken (11 PM, Adult Swim)

This week's episode is "Secret of the Booze."


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