This Week's TV: A Doctor Who Alum Stars In The Year's Weirdest New Show

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This week is all about endings and beginnings. Peter Capaldi begins his tenure as the curmudgeonly new Doctor on Doctor Who while True Blood meets its true death. And amidst the season finales of Korra and The Last Ship, we get two oddball premieres: Bojack Horseman and the profoundly strange Intruders.



Teen Wolf (10 PM, MTV)

You know, most lacrosse players just have to worry about concussions.

An assassin targets Scott and Liam at the lacrosse team's annual bonfire. Later, Lydia uncovers a family secret.

Under the Dome (10 PM, CBS)

Does the Dome have a man on the inside? Metaphorically speaking, that is.

When Barbie enlists his father's help to reach out to Julia, he realizes that Don may know more about the Dome than he is letting on. Meanwhile, Big Jim appoints himself sheriff of Chester's Mill.


Face Off (9 PM, Syfy)

There's not much new TV on tonight, but you check out Syfy's night of genre-themed reality TV with the latest episode of Face Off and the premiere of the new magician competition Wizard Wars.

The 11 remaining artists face another individual challenge when they are told to mash-up two animals and create a unique new species.

Wizard Wars (10 PM, Syfy)

Wizard Wars, on Tuesday, August 19 at 10 p.m. ET/PT, introducing bright and innovative young magicians who must impress judges Penn & Teller with mind-blowing, original magic using only a random assortment of everyday objects. Innovation takes center stage as the magicians transform objects such as dog treats, leaf blowers, a pirate's costume and garden gnomes into engaging magic performances before a live audience. Each episode begins with two teams of magicians going head-to-head with a limited amount of time to create an original routine. The winning team will then enter "The Wizard War" and compete against the expert "home team" of world-renowned "Wizards" to battle it out for bragging rights, and a $10,000 prize.


Extant (9 PM, CBS)

I really hope ISEA is better at hostage-taking than it is at spying:

Convinced the agency has her baby, Molly is determined to find out where. Meanwhile, John discovers new and startling advancements in Ethan's programming, and Kern holds Kryger hostage in an attempt to recover the incriminating video he stole from the ISEA.



Teen Titans Go! (6 PM, Cartoon Network)

Raven gets her School House Rock on in the clip above.

Starfire is tired of not fitting in with the other Titans, and asks Raven to help her to learn more about human culture. Raven casts a spell to give Starfire all of human knowledge, which turns Starfire into the total bummer.

Steven Universe (6:30 PM, Cartoon Network)

Nicki Minaj is a guest voice in this week's return episode:

After seeing Garnet and Amethyst fuse together into the powerful Sugilite – Steven becomes determined to get super strong.

Defiance (8 PM, Syfy)

This week give us back-to-back episodes with a murder and guest star Linda Hamilton:

A deadly mine collapse leaves Amanda and Pottinger trapped, and it's a race against the clock for Nolan and Rafe to save them.

Nolan searches for Irisa, leaving Amanda to take on the deputy's badge just as a shocking murder rocks Defiance.


The Quest (8 PM, ABC)

Sir Ansgar (Peter Windhofer) increases pressure on the nine remaining Paladins (aka contestants) as he prepares them for the realities of war. Armed with wit, physical power or agility, each Paladin possesses unique strengths, but will they be prepared for the unexpected twist as they fight for survival in the "Battle Dome?" Saenctum explodes with excitement and a formidable warrior emerges, but three of the Paladins must be further tested in a bone shattering competition before the Fates.


MythBusters (9 PM, Discovery)

The team asks whether you're really flying right and whether a bone bullet is really untraceable:

Adam and Jamie buckle up and return their seats to the upright position to test what really is the best, most efficient way to board an airplane. Tory, Kari, and Grant find out if a bullet made of teeth or even bone is non-traceable.



Legend of Korra (Streaming,

The final two episodes of Book 3 air this week, but this shouldn't be the end of Korra. Book 4 is already in production.

When other plans fail, Korra suggests a brave idea to take on the Red Lotus and save the Air Nation.

Bojack Horseman (Streaming, Netflix)

The entire first season of the Will Arnett-staring animated sitcom premieres on Netflix this week:

Will Arnett voices BoJack, the failed legendary 90's sitcom star from the favorite family sitcom "Horsin' Around," who has been trying to find his way through a muddle of self-loathing, whisky and failed relationships. Now, in the presence of his human sidekick Todd (Aaron Paul) and his feline agent and ex-paramour Princess Carolyn (Amy Sedaris), BoJack is primed for his comeback…



Doctor Who (8 PM, BBC America)

We're getting a new series of Doctor Who and a new Doctor in Peter Capaldi, but apparently, we're returning to the same old Victorian London:

When the Doctor arrives in Victorian London he finds a dinosaur rampant in the Thames and a spate of deadly spontaneous combustions. Who is the new Doctor and will Clara's friendship survive as they embark on a terrifying mission into the heart of an alien conspiracy? The Doctor has changed. It's time you knew him.


Outlander (9 PM, Starz)

Claire uses her medical skills to escape Castle Leoch, and with help from Jamie, tends to a sick child. Later, during the evening entertainment, Claire listens to a tale that offers her hope for freedom.

Intruders (10 PM, BBC America)

We only have one word to describe Intruders, the new show starring John Simm and Mira Sorvino: weird.


The series is about a secret society devoted to chasing immortality by seeking refuge in the bodies of others. Produced by BBC Worldwide Productions, from writer and executive producer Glen Morgan (The X-Files), the series is based on Michael Marshall Smith's novel 'The Intruders.' A contemporary, chilling, paranormal tale set in the moody Pacific Northwest, the series spins a fascinating and complex web of drama. As strange, apparently unrelated events start happening, multiple story-lines - a missing wife, an assassin covering his crimes, a child on the run - begin to intertwine to reveal a conspiracy that will forever change our understanding of human nature.



Space Dandy (12:30 AM, Adult Swim)

This week's episode is "A World with No Sadness, Baby."

Teen Wolf (7 PM, MTV)

Update your calendars; the tenth episode of Teen Wolf's current season airs on Sunday as a lead-in to the VMAs. But if you miss it, it will repeat on Monday at its usual timeslot.

Scott and Kira must protect Satomi's pack from assassins; Stiles and Malia learn the origins of The Dead Pool.


The Last Ship (9 PM, TNT)

On the season finale, the crew of the Nathan James learns whether you can go home again in the post-plague apocalypse:

Chandler and his crew finally return home, where a former D.C. power player is fending off a dangerous warlord who threatens everyone's hopes of restoring law and order in society. Now with a location and a means to finalize their mission, Chandler sets out to find his family, only to discover something absolutely terrifying about this brave new world.

True Blood (9 PM, HBO)

This week, True Blood meets its true death after seven seasons of fangbanging. You will be missed, you wacky, wacky show.

Sookie (Anna Paquin) weighs a future with and without Bill (Stephen Moyer). Eric (Alexander Skarsgård) and Pam (Kristin Bauer van Straten) struggle with their uncomfortable partnership with Mr. Gus (Will Yun Lee). Sam (Sam Trammell) makes a choice, while Andy (Chris Bauer) comes upon an unexpected inheritance.


The Witches of East End (9 PM, Lifetime)

Tarkoff, an old friend of the family's, pays a visit to Joanna and Freddie. Wendy, Freya, Ingrid and Dash attend an art gala where Wendy encounters someone from her past. Killian has doubts about his feelings for Eva.


Falling Skies (10 PM, TNT)

Tom and the remnants of the 2nd Mass learn to pilot a Beamer as part of their plan to destroy the Espheni Power Core, and the group draws straws to see who will embark on the dangerous mission. The threat of death hanging over everyone triggers long-simmering confrontations between many of our main characters, ultimately bringing the 2nd Mass closer together. Treva Etienne guest-stars.


The Leftovers (10 PM, HBO)

Deer are jerks, even when the world isn't going to hell in a supernatural hand basket:

Kevin tries to suppress his bad habits while tracking down a marauding deer in Mapleton. Laurie receives not-unexpected news amidst a rising sense of foreboding. Tom connects with his past, against his better judgment. Nora has a job interview; Kevin Senior (Scott Glenn) receives an honor.


The Lottery (10 PM, Lifetime)

Vanessa works against Darius to control the Lottery; the Lottery contestants acclimate to the pressures of their new lives; Kyle meets an unlikely new ally; Alison's investigation intensifies.


Manhattan (10 PM, WGN)

Frank clashes with Charlie to protect Babbit, who has become the subject of an investigation.


Masters of Sex (10 PM, Showtime)

Masters and Johnson's particular style of fieldwork hits a snag:

Masters becomes impotent - and cuts off his sexual work with Johnson.

The Strain (10 PM, FX)

Setrakian, Eph, and Nora formulate a plan to track down the Master using Jim as bait. Eichhorst and Setrakian's pasts are revealed. At the Luss home, Neeva struggles to protect the children while encountering a mysterious stranger whose help she may not want.




Speaking of Mythbusters I came up with an idea they'll never test. Happy cows taste better. KOBE beef is supposedly good because they're the happiest cows on earth. I forget if it is California or Wisc. who has adopted the slogan happiest the cows on earth.

So Mythbusters pampers one cow and abuses the other. Like PETA wouldn't have a field day with that. Then they provide the meat to gourmet chefs and have judges determine which beef tastes better!