This Week's TV: 3 New Series, Including A Crazy Ridiculous Hacker Show

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Fall TV is back! You may have already decided whether you're watching the Batman prequel show Gotham or the immortal medical examiner Forever, but what's up with supergenius show Scorpion? Plus, info on the season premieres of Sleepy Hollow, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Person of Interest, and a frozen Once Upon a Time!



Gotham (8 PM, Fox)

Tonight begins the tale of Gotham City's villains. We know that Bruce Wayne's parents will die, that Jim Gordon will learn about the rampant corruption in the Gotham Police Department, and that we'll be reintroduced to some classic Batman rogues. We just need to find out if it will have us coming back for the second episode.

Gravity Falls (8:30 PM, Disney XD)

Can a dating simulator help Soos learn to talk to girls? He'll give it a shot when he needs a date to his cousin's wedding.

Scorpion (9 PM, CBS)

Okay, yes, this show looks kind of ridiculous (especially the "Based on a true story" bit), but it could be fun. Walter O'Brien is one of the smartest people in the world, and he assembles a team of supergeniuses, like one does. They end up working as a think tank for Homeland Security (including Robert Patrick!), and naturally there's a diner waitress with a heart of gold and a gifted son she can't connect with. Yeah, so it could be fun or it could be terrible. We'll see.

Sleepy Hollow (9 PM, Fox)

Yes, yes, yes! Sleepy Hollow returns to torture its characters anew! We've got Ichabod buried alive in a coffin, Abbie in Purgatory, Katrina kidnapped by the Headless Horseman, Captain Irving behind bars for murder, and Jenny was just in a car wreck. How is everyone going to get out of their respective situations? And how are they going to deal with both the Headless Horseman and the Horseman of War?


Need to get caught up? Watch the video above.

Forever (10 PM, ABC)

If you live in a Hulu-friendly region, you may have already taken a peek at the pilot for the latest immortal guy detective show. This one centers on Dr. Henry Morgan, a New York medical examiner who happens to be 200 years old. So he's not only solving the mystery of the week, he's also investigating the mystery of his own immortality. And, tell me if you've heard this one before, he's got a lady cop partner who is impressed by his detective skills and curious about his true identity.

Has anyone seen this one yet? If so, what did you think?

Under the Dome (10 PM, CBS)

What will the Dome have to say about the season finale of Under the Dome? With the walls closing in, a potential exit is revealed. Does the fate of the people of Chester's Mill hinge on the show getting a third season?



Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (9 PM, ABC)

Oh look, S.H.I.E.L.D.'s back, too. We'll finally get to see if the show builds on the promise we finally saw toward the end of Season One. The season premiere gets a little help from Hayley Atwell, who's reprising her role as Peggy Carter, and Lucy Lawless, who joins the cast as Isabelle Hartley, a veteran of S.H.I.E.L.D. who shows up with a pack of mercenaries in tow. Will she help or hinder Director Coulson and his team?


Forever (10 PM, ABC)

Forever premieres on Monday, but we actually get two episodes this week. In the second episode, Henry and Jo investigate the death of a bridge jumper whom Henry suspects may be a victim of murder, although the police believe it's a suicide. Meanwhile, a letter on antique stationary may provide a clue to Henry's past.

Person of Interest (10 PM, CBS)

The season premiere finds Team Machine disbanded, its members living under new identities. But some of them can't ignore the numbers from the Machine, even if it means risking detection by Samaritan.


Also on tonight: a new episode of Face Off (9 PM, Syfy) and the season finale of Wizard Wars (10 PM, Syfy).


Secrets of the Dead: Resurrecting Richard III (10 PM, PBS)

If you've been following the fascinating discoveries made since the exhumation of Richard III's remains, check in on this special, which follows the scientists who are studying the body. This should be especially interesting in light of the recent report about Richard III's fatal injuries.



Teen Titans Go! (6 PM, Cartoon Network)

The good news: Robin has made the perfect sandwich. The bad news: someone has stolen it and Robin must track down the culprit.

Steven Universe (6:30 PM, Cartoon Network)

It's double the Steven Universe this week when Steven befriends a magic mirror in one episode and then, in the second episode, Beach City is sent into a panic when the ocean goes missing on the first day of summer.


Haven (8 PM, Syfy)

Figuring Audrey can't be suppressed forever, Nathan makes a desperate plan to recover her. Some guys just can't accept that their ex-girlfriends are evil god-like beings. That means that Duke and Dwight have to deal with a fiery Trouble all on their own.



Z Nation (10 PM, Syfy)

Our party of zombie cure hopefuls heads to Philadelphia where they try to avoid becoming human cheesesteaks. That make prove tricky when they encounter a band of psychotics with ties to someone in their group.



Doctor Who (9 PM, BBC America)

The Doctor heads back to Coal Hill School, where the First Doctor's companions Barbara Wright and Ian Chesterton were teachers, and where Clara and Danny Pink also teach. The Doctor takes a job as the school's handyman while Clara struggles to balance her earthly life with her travels with the Doctor.


Outlander (9 PM, Starz)

This episode finds Claire trying to adjust to her new marriage when a life-altering opportunity presents itself. Meanwhile, in Claire's present, poor Frank is searching for his missing wife.

Intruders (10 PM, BBC America)

Now that we've finally seen some revelations, what's next?

Rose confronts Jack to explain the cause of Amy's recent strange behaviour. Amy's past – one which she has worked so hard to suppress and deny – has come back to haunt her and the only way to protect Jack may hurt him the most. Meanwhile, Richard discovers a secret about Rose that could destroy her ascent onto The Nine. Shepherd himself is skating on thin ice as Madison continues to evade his grasp.



Once Upon a Time (8 PM, ABC)

Frozen is coming to Storybrooke! And it turns out that the show will actually explore a plot point from the movie. Anna wanted to complete her parents' journey to see if they found a way to control Elsa's icy powers. But in Storybrooke, Elsa is using those powers to build a snow monster for her protection. (Does it like warm hugs?) Also, Regina wonders if her relationship with Robin Hood is done for good. I suspect the snow monster is more pressing.

Resurrection (9 PM, ABC)

Resurrection returns with Bellamy waking up missing a week of his life—and there's a surprise when his memory, ahem, returns. And Margaret Langston, mother of Fred and Henry, is the latest Returned, and now she's younger than her sons.


Witches of East End (9 PM, Lifetime)

Maybe we could get a better episode this week? Please?

Joanna, Freya and Wendy travel back in time to revisit one of their past lives in order to retrieve a powerful but dangerous weapon that may be the only way to destroy Nikolaus for good. Back in East End, Nikolaus is preparing for a battle and also has an unsuspecting Ingrid on his side. Meanwhile, Dash discovers the true identity of his one night stand, and Killian attempts to break his and Freya's tragic cycle.


The Lottery (10 PM, Lifetime)

The winners of the lottery are announced this week, just as the mystery behind the infertility crisis comes to a head.


Manhattan (10 PM, WGN)

This week, the Hill receives an unexpected visitor.

Masters of Sex (10 PM, Showtime)

This is it: Masters and Johnson send the results of their study into the world in the season finale.


The Strain (10 PM, FX)

Dutch returns with a plan to broadcast Eph's warning about the vampiric plague. However, they face a new threat when Eichhorst launches his own attack against the pawn shop. Palmer receives a special visitor, and Gus gears up for the on-coming fight but discovers there's another mysterious factor involved.


Also on tonight: In addition to the season premiere of The Simpsons (8 PM, Fox), the Family Guy/Simpsons crossover airs on Sunday (9 PM, Fox). Plus, new episodes of Mr. Pickles (11:30 PM, Adult Swim) and Squidbillies (11:45 PM, Adult Swim).

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