A ton of shows are ending their fall season, and hoping to leave you wanting more. But there's one show, in particular, that has a cliffhanger we can't wait for. That's our must-watch show of the week, but there's tons of other great stuff — check out clips and details for all this week's new television, below.

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Almost Human (8 PM, Fox):

Check out two new clips! This time around, the bond between Dorian and Kennex looks like it's going to be majorly tested, as Dorian wants to have his own living space, just like what Kennex has. Here's what's also happening: " Detective John Kennex (Karl Urban) and Dorian (Michael Ealy) are tasked with protecting the only remaining witness in a major murder trial, while Captain Maldonado (Lili Taylor) faces off with the defendant."

Sleepy Hollow (9 PM, Fox):

Yay, John Noble is back! " Ichabod enlists Henry Parrish (guest star Noble) to help him communicate with Katrina, but in the process, a menacing danger is unleashed from purgatory."


Rick and Morty (10:30 PM, Adult Swim):

This time around, Rick helps Jerry out with his dog, in "Lawnmower Dog."


Agents of SHIELD (8 PM, ABC):

Check out a clip! This is the midseason finale, and this one is apparently going to end on a huge cliffhanger. More importantly, it's the return of Mike Peterson from the pilot: "In a shocking cliffhanger episode, Coulson takes the war back to Centipede, and this time he brings in Mike Peterson for some super-soldier support. As they get closer to the truth, startling secrets are revealed and an unexpected twist threatens the team."


Futurescape (10 PM, Science):

This time it's about "Galactic Pioneers."

Also on TV tonight: If you subscribe to DirecTV, you can watch another amazing episode of Black Mirror at 9 PM. Also at 9, Discovery has a new Doomsday Preppers. At 10 PM, National Geographic has a special about how to survive a zombie uprising, and Spike has a new episode of Criss Angel: BeLIEve.



Arrow (8 PM, The CW):

The midseason finale! In which the Arrow is "compromised." This is the cliffhanger we're on the edge of our seats for, and it's our must-watch show of the week. Here's what's up:

OLIVER IS VISITED BY GHOSTS FROM THE PAST — After a fight with Cyrus Gold AKA the Acolyte (guest star Graham Shiels), Oliver (Stephen Amell) is drugged and left for dead.Determined to cure him, Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) makes a risky decision.The cure causes Oliver to hallucinate, and what he sees forces him to confront his past.Meanwhile, Barry (guest star Grant Gustin) continues to help Felicity, and their connection grows stronger.The Arrow asks Lance (Paul Blackthorne) to look into Gold, but when the stakeout on Gold goes bad, someone is killed.Roy (Colton Haynes) is captured and tortured by Brother Blood (guest star Kevin Alejandro).


The Tomorrow People (9 PM, The CW):

Also the midseason finale. Love how they keep dangling the possibility that Stephen will be revealed as a double agent to Ultra, as if that boat hasn't already sailed around the world five times:

TAKING RISKS — When John (Luke Mitchell) finds himself in a dangerous situation, Stephen (Robbie Amell) is unable to help without revealing himself to Ultra.Not satisfied with the answer he has discovered about his father's disappearance, Stephen decides to take drastic measures with the help of his fellow Tomorrow People to find out the truth.Meanwhile, Cara (Peyton List) and Russell (Aaron Yoo) negotiate a trade with Jedikiah (Mark Pellegrino), which ultimately makes Jedikiah take a big risk.

American Horror Story (10 PM, FX):

Another midseason finale, and this one's written by Tim Minear! This is the one where Kathy Bates' severed head goes on some wacky adventures, which is why it's called "Head." And here's what's up: " Cordelia's attacker is revealed. Fiona looks to form an alliance with Marie Laveau. Nan learns a disturbing truth about Luke's past."


Also on TV tonight: Comedy Central has the season finale of South Park at 10 PM.


The Vampire Diaries (8 PM, The CW):

OMG, remember Matt? He's back!! Yet another midseason finale, and it sounds like Stefan is going to have to step up and fix Damon's mess... again.

DAMON'S PAST RETURNS TO HAUNT HIM — Damon (Ian Somerhalder) realizes Elena (Nina Dobrev) is in danger and enlists Stefan's (Paul Wesley) help to find her. The brothers pay a visit to Aaron (guest star Shaun Sipos), and Damon shocks Stefan by revealing his first-hand knowledge of Aaron's family. In an attempt to stop Damon, Dr. Wes (guest star Rick Cosnett) unleashes his secret weapon, forcing Damon to deal with a part of his past he thought was gone forever, as well as the consequences of his decades-long plan for revenge. Meanwhile, Elena is horrified by Dr. Wes' confessions about the dark history of Whitmore College and his own ultimate goal. Finally, a frantic Katherine (Nina Dobrev) turns to Matt (Zach Roerig) for help, until she realizes that Nadia (guest star Olga Fonda) may be the one who can solve her problem.


Once Upon a Time in Wonderland (8 PM, ABC):

Yet another midseason finale, and maybe we'll finally get some forward motion on Jafar's evil schemes:

"Home" - In flashback, we learn about Cyrus' origin story while Alice seeks out the White Rabbit for answers involving his actions in Wonderland. Meanwhile, the Red Queen and Jafar's disdain for one another comes to a head, followed by a series of chaotic events. The insurmountable consequence caused by their showdown will put everyone in danger and lead to a drastic change


Also on TV tonight: CBS has the midseason finales of Big Bang Theory at 8 and Elementary at 10. Sundance has a new episode of the French show The Returned at 9 PM. Also, there's the midseason finale of Reign on The CW at 9 PM. At 10 PM, there's a new Unsealed: Alien Files on Discover America.


The Neighbors (8:30 PM, ABC):

The Christmas episode! "When Debbie oversteps and accidentally ruins Larry's surprise Christmas gift for Dick, Larry responds the only way he knows how: going way over the top for gifts to Debbie's kids. Meanwhile, thinking gifts are the emblem of how you truly feel about someone, Reggie and Amber both struggle with getting each other the perfect gift."


Nikita (9 PM, The CW):

There should be a running countdown in the corner of the screen to the next time Sam/Owen betrays the team and screws everything up. Here's what's going on:

THE SHOP OFFERS NIKITA THE DEAL OF A LIFETIME — Jones (guest star David S. Lee) benches Amanda (Melinda Clake) and takes back the reigns of the operation.He calls Nikita (Maggie Q) and offers her and the entire team complete freedom by wiping away their identities and faking their deaths if they walk away from their mission.The team lands the plane on a secluded Pakistan air strip, but when the local drug czar and his men storm the plane and demand ten million dollars, so Nikita calls Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca) for the money.After Alex pulls diamonds out of a safe deposit box to pay the insurgents, Sam (Devon Sawa) sees an opportunity to recoup his losses and contemplates stealing the diamonds.Meanwhile, Michael (Shane West) comes face-to-face with an old adversary, Ramon (guest star Simon Kassianides), who hits Michael with some hard truths.

Grimm (9 PM, NBC):

This show's midseason finale consists of two back-to-back episodes tonight — so no new Dracula. Here's what's up in the special Christmas twofer:

COLD BLOODED - A CRIME WAVE BREATHES NEW LIFE INTO AN URBAN LEGEND - ALEXIS DENISOF GUEST STARS — As a deadly crime spree begins to surface, a century-old urban legend takes shape in Portland's sewers and becomes Nick's (David Giuntoli) latest case. In Europe, Adalind (Claire Coffee) meets Prince Viktor (guest star Alexis Denisof) , who's come to bring those responsible for his cousin Eric's demise to justice. Meanwhile, Captain Renard (Sasha Roiz) responds to the recent attempt on his life. TWELVE DAYS OF KRAMPUS - A DARK JUSTICE DESCENDS ON PORTLAND AS THE CHRISTMAS SEASON BEGINS — After a string of delinquent teens go missing, an old Wesen tale of an evil Santa who brings more than just a lump of coal may be the prime suspect. The investigation intensifies as Nick (David Giuntoli) and Hank (Russell Hornsby) take things a little too far. Meanwhile, Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) enlists Juliet (Bitsie Tulloch) to surprise Rosalee (Bree Turner) for their first Christmas together with unintended results. Elsewhere, Captain Renard's (Sasha Roiz) tour of Europe brings him closer to tracking down Adalind (Claire Coffee).


Haven (10 PM, Syfy):

And this is just a straight-up season finale, not a midseason finale. In "The Lighthouse," "Audrey [is] desperate to track down William in order to sever their ethereal connection."



My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (10:30 AM, Hub Network):

Get ready for some intense sporting action:

EVERYPONY WANTS TO FLY THE FLAG IN THE EQUESTRIA GAMES AND SCOOTALOO GETS AN EXTRA BOOST FROM COACH RAINBOW DASH — Rainbow Dash is over the moon to be coaching the young ponies in Scootaloo's class for their competition to carry the flag at the upcoming Equestria Games. Just as the Cutie Mark Crusaders find their rhythm, Diamond Tiara's taunting becomes too much to handle and Scootaloo begins to doubt herself and her team


Atlantis (9 PM, BBC America):

Yep, it's Three Men and a Baby: "While hunting in the mountains, the boys stumble across an abandoned baby. Jason refuses to leave the child to die, but this charitable act has far reaching implications. With their own lives now on the line as well as the child's, it seems the trio may well pay the ultimate price for interfering with fate…"\


A Snow Globe Christmas (10 PM, Lifetime):

Yet another fantasy-tinged holiday TV movie, with a distinct "Sweet Home Alabama" vibe. A cynical TV executive (Alicia Witt) accidentally bonks herself in the head with a snow globe and wakes up in a perfect winter wonderland where she's living in her tiny hometown, married to her ex (Donald Faison).


Also on TV today: Hub Network has a new Sabrina: Secrets of a Teenage Witch at noon, a new Kaijudo at 2 PM,a newSpooksville at 5:30 PM, and a new R.L. Stine at 7:30 PM.


Once Upon a Time (8 PM, ABC):

Another midseason finale, and the last new episode until mid-February — but we know nada about this episode, at this point.


All I Want for Christmas (9 PM, ION):

An uptight business woman (are you noticing a theme to these holiday TV movies) is told she needs to listen to others more. And then one of Santa's helpers gives her a gift — she can hear the unspoken thoughts of anyone she meets. So, basically What Women Want without the gender-specific telepathy. As is usual in these things, the tough, cynical business exec will learn major sensitivity by the time two hours are up.


Witches of East End (10 PM, Lifetime):

The season finale, appropriately titled, "Oh, What a World!" Just how wicked will this swan-song get? Here are the deets: "Season 1 ends with Freya's wedding day. Meanwhile, Joanna and Wendy discover the identity of the shifter; and Mike takes dangerous measures to complete his plan when Ingrid uncovers some unnerving details about him."


Also on TV today: Disney XD has a new Hulk and the Agents of SMASH at 8 AM, followed by a new Avengers Assemble. Fox has its usual assortment of animated shows in the evening. USA has a two hour special, Psych: The Musical, which is just what it sounds like. There's the season finale of Masters of Sex on Showtime at 10 PM. Also at 10 PM: Animal Planet has a new Finding Bigfoot, and DA has a new Monsters and Mysteries in America. At 11 PM, Animal Planet has a new special, Uncovering Aliens: Black Ops Conspiracy.

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