Sadly, said hero is not the guinea pig above. Nor is it the person Gwen is talking to. But suffice to say, it’s a pretty awesome addition to the world of Spider-Gwen.

Spoilers ahead for today’s release of Spider-Gwen #1.

It’s only her second issue #1 this year so far—thanks, “All-New, All-Different”!—but the first issue of Spider-Gwen has a lot of setup to remind you who this alternate version of Gwen Stacy is, and kind of how fun she is as Spider-Woman in a world where Peter Parker never got bitten by a radioactive spider (but did become the Lizard, and died). In fact, much of the first issue deals with Gwen trying to get over Peter’s death, after the Lizard is supposedly on the prowl again.


Gwen’s investigation into the Lizard’s return leads her to the sewers of New York, where she learns that Doctor Connors has taken the Lizard serum himself, turning him into a new Lizard—and is even infecting missing people with it, too. So suddenly, Gwen finds herself in a tigh spot, surrounded by Lizard-people, until a familiar sight comes flying out of nowhere...

Yes, we all know who owns that shield—but on this parallel Earth, nothing is quite the same:


On Earth-65, Captain America is an African-American woman. And wears cool camo pants and a hoodie. I like Earth-65. Can we get more comics there right now, please and thank you? Also, whats with all the hoods on heroes here? Is this the Hoodieverse?

It’s super cool to see more comic-y elements being introduced into Spider-Gwen beyond her association with the other Spider-heroes. Especially as we’re getting to see Jason Latour and Robbi Rodriguez’s spin on them. They’re already clearly having a bunch of fun with Gwen as a character, the chance to do the same with other Marvel heroes is just a plus.


I know it’s early to say it, given that this is only the second superhero to show up in Spider-Gwen, but can Marvel just make Earth-65 a parallel world where every superhero just happens to be a woman instead? If Marvel isn’t willing to bend on having an all-Gwen-Stacy universe, then this’ll do.

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