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This Week's Puzzle Requires Outside-The-Box Thinking. Really!

Illustration for article titled This Weeks Puzzle Requires Outside-The-Box Thinking. Really!

Or rather, more accurately, it requires outside the “pen” thinking — pigpen thinking, to be exact.


Sunday Puzzle #33: Pigs In Pens

This week’s puzzle is an exercise is practical pig ownership. It was submitted by reader Mary L., who writes:

How can you distribute all 21 of your pigs into four pigpens and still have an odd number of pigs in each pen? You may place the same number of pigs in any number of pens (for example, the first and third pens can both contain 3 pigs), but the number of pigs in each pen must be odd. How do you distribute your pigs?



We’ll be back next week with the solution – and a new puzzle! Got a great brainteaser, original or otherwise, that you’d like to see featured? E-mail me with your recommendations. (Be sure to include “Sunday Puzzle” in the subject line.)

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Alternatively to the nested responses, you have three pens with one pig in them and one with 18 pigs in it. 18 pigs in one pen is certainly an odd number of pigs to have, especially considering the others are all alone.