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You'll barely recognize Claudia in the first sneak peek from this week's Warehouse 13. Two classic shows are making a comeback. Fry and Leela are facing a brand new obstacle on Futurama. Jonathan Frakes is directing a very special episode about "First Contact." And Finn may have a brand new girlfriend on Adventure Time.


But the most exciting program this week isn't on television — it's a radio show, based on one of the greatest science fiction novels of all time.


Scooby-Doo: Mystery Incorporated (2 PM, Cartoon Network):
This show appears to be moving to an afternoon slot, to take advantage of bored summer kids. No doubt there will be endless reruns at other times of day though. Watch two clips, and delve into a synopsis of "The Night the Clown Cried" that reveals the soap-opera elements from season one are alive and well:

With the gang split up, Crystal Cove is being tormented by an evil-man-baby called "Crybaby Clown." Fred is off searching for his real parents. Shaggy is in military school. Scooby is locked up on a farm. Only Velma remains. She convinces Mayor Nettles to help get Mystery Incorporated back together.

Mayor Nettles finds Scooby in the middle of a "jail break" from the farm and assists him in rescuing Shaggy from military school. Shag and Scoob meet up with Fred and head for Crystal Cove to reunite with Velma. The only missing element is Daphne...but Daphne has moved on. She's fallen in love with Bayler Hotner, a hunky young actor in town researching a movie role. And they're serious. Daphne is not coming back to Mystery Inc. Fred refuses to believe this and sets a trap for Crybaby Clown that needs all five members of Mystery Inc. When Daphne doesn't show, the trap fails...and for the first time, Mystery Inc. doesn't catch the monster!

Adventure Time (7:30 PM, Cartoon Network):
And speaking of soap operas and love triangles... here's what to expect from "Burning Low":

Finn starts spending a lot of time with Flame Princess… is Princess Bubblegum jealous?


Check out a clip at left. That's followed by a new Regular Show, a new Annoying Orange, and a new Mad.

Warehouse 13 (9 PM, Syfy):
So what's Claudia up to exactly? She's probably just gone out to get everybody some Rice Krispies squares, to celebrate the Warehouse not blowing up. Right? Here's the synopsis for the totally-not-ominous "An Evil Within":

Pete and Myka investigate when angry mobs hallucinate en masse and attack innocent people.

Check out a sneak peek, in which Claudia appears to be doing some "sexpionage."

Teen Wolf (10 PM, MTV):
Saul Tigh is giving werewolf strategy lessons to Allison! This clip is so great. Here's what to expect from "Fury":

Allison tracks Derek to the sheriff's station, where Scott, Stiles, Melissa and Sheriff Stilinski are being held hostage.

Alphas (10 PM, Syfy):
It's "The Quick and the Dead." But no, it's not a remake of the surprisingly awesome Western starring Sharon Stone. Instead, it's this:

The team hunts for a killer with super-speed whose mission to find the truth may lead to deadly consequences.


Also on TV tonight: Two brand new episodes of Dragon Ball GT on Nicktoons at 8 PM.


Level Up! (8 PM, Cartoon Network)
This looks like an especially fun, silly episode of this "video game characters escape into the real world" show. There's a villain called the Merchant of Menace, who gets yanked out of a video game on purpose, by his creator — to go around being a spokesperson to promote the game's expansion pack. But the Merchant of Menace, on discovering he's only the 10th most evil villain in his game series, decides to do something to improve his ranking.


Also on TV tonight: Cartoon Network has a second new Scooby-Doo: Mystery Incorporated at 2 PM. There's a new Total Drama on Cartoon Network at 7:30 PM. Nicktoons has two more episodes of Dragon Ball GT at 8 PM. And there's a brand new Mysteries at the Museum on Travel at 9 PM. And finally, the season finale of Freaks and Creeps at 10 PM on National Geographic Wild.


Ben 10: Omniverse (8:30 PM, Cartoon Network):
Yes, it's another Ben 10 show. This is probably the tenth Ben 10. Here's the pitch:

In the brand-new animated series, Ben 10: Omniverse, Ben will have a new character design that pays homage to his past, and he'll have a whole new batch of aliens to battle. Beating the bad guys is just part of the superhero gig. With a little help from his new, by-the-book rookie partner, Ben explores the quirkier side of things in the alien underground and discovers enemies from his past looking for a re-match, all while a mysterious hunter is hot on his trail! With 10 new aliens at his disposal and a brand new lease on life, Ben 10 is back and more fun than ever!


Check out two sneak peeks.

Futurama (10 PM, Comedy Central):
Just when you think those kids are getting somewhere, Fry and Leela are losing their memories of each other. Also, the Planet Express crew visits Oktoberfest — but to Fry's dismay, it's become a classy event. Bender enters a sausage-making contest and Fry becomes the victim of a horrific sausage-making accident. And somehow, Fry joins a tribe of neanderthals who fight against a fleet of spaceships led by Zapp Branigan. So, just a typical day at the office. Check out a clip!

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Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman (10 PM, Science):
This time around, they're asking, "Will Eternity End?" That's a good question, right?

Eternity is an idea humans have wrestled with for thousands of years. We will all die, but time will tick on forever after we are gone. But what if there comes a time when there is no more after? Could time itself end? It's a question scientists are daring to answer.

One bold scientist thinks time always was and always will be, but space will come crashing down in an apocalyptic end. Another scientist argues that if time never ends, our very existence stops making sense. An infinite amount of time means an infinite number of bizarre possibilities. But perhaps our universe is just one tiny patch in a much larger, eternal multiverse. Time will end for us, but the multiverse is a place that lasts forever.

Perhaps time isn't what we think it is. One visionary believes time is not a normal dimension, but a holographic projection, where all eternity already exists. Everything our universe ever was and ever will be is sitting in the far future and is being projected back into the past.

But what if time is ruled by the fuzzy world of quantum mechanics, where nothing is certain? One team of scientists is finding evidence that the future is affecting the present. The present and the past may be echoes of the future that are rippling back in time. The fate of the universe may already be right in front of us.


Also on TV tonight: Yet another new Scooby-Doo on Cartoon Network at 2 PM. A new Johnny Test on Cartoon Network at 7:30, followed by a new Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitsu at 8 PM. Plus two more episodes of Dragon Ball GT on Nicktoons at 8 PM.


Misfits (10 PM, LOGO):
It turns out that when you bury your case worker, you should be pretty careful to make sure there's no construction planned in the area:

Alisha enjoys using her new powers but the one thing she really wants she doesn't seem to be able to get. Simon's online dating is going well. Some builders are digging a hole in the same spot that the gang buried the bodies.


Also on TV tonight: Once again, Cartoon Network has a new Scooby-Doo at 2 PM. And then, another new Dragon Ball GT at 8 PM on Nicktoons. Plus a brand new Wilfred on FX at 10 PM.


Lost Girl (10 PM, Syfy):
In "School's Out," Bo poses as a teacher to investigate a case — a sexy teacher, we're guessing. That's just a guess, mind you. Meanwhile, Lauren's back from her vacation.

Chasing UFOs (10 PM, National Geographic):
They get points for calling this episode "Game of Drones."

Claims that aliens are watching Earth from above are investigated near the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.


Also on TV tonight: Yet again, Cartoon Network has a new Scooby-Doo at 2 PM.


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The Chrysalids (9 PM GMT, BBC Radio 4):
Honestly, this is just so much more exciting than anything on American TV this week, even though it's on the radio and in the wrong country. You can listen to it live via the Radio 4 website, which has live streaming audio, at 4 PM EST and 1 PM PST. Plus it looks like it's already available online for instant listening. This is the first half of a two-part dramatization of the classic novel by John Wyndham. Here's how the Radio Times describes it:

Set in the distant future, the story follows David Strorm, whose rare ability to communicate telepathically with others conflicts with the message preached by his evangelical father. When his secret is revealed, David must journey south to save his friends from the reckoning of the Norms.


Honestly, screw television. You should make time to listen to this over the weekend.

The Science of Doctor Who (9 PM, BBC America):
In the run-up to the show's return later in August (finally!), we're getting more special documentaries. Including this one, which will no doubt explain once and for all just how scientifically accurate every single thing in the Whoniverse is. No doubt. This is followed by an episode of The Nerdist, called "Tribute to Science."


Dark Matters: Twisted But True (10 PM, Science):
This time, John Noble explores the topics of "Amnesiac," "Party Poopers" and "Risky Radiation."


Ultimate Spider-Man/Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes (11 AM, Disney XD):
Here's what both shows have in store:

"Snow Day" - Spider-Man and his team sneak off for a vacation on a deserted tropical island. However, they soon realize something is not right with the island and the Sandman will make sure they never leave.
"Assault on 42" - When Whirlwind is captured, he is escorted to his quarters in 42, Hank Pym's confinement facility in the Negative Zone, by Captain America, Wasp and Ms. Marvel. 42 is virtually impossible to break out of, yet when they get there, they find that something is trying to break in.


It's a great era we're living in, when you can watch TV shows about the Negative Zone on Sunday morning. Check out a clip, featuring the Leader versus Annihilus!

Leverage (8 PM, TNT):
Worth mentioning for a couple reasons. First, it's directed by Jonathan "Will Riker" Frakes. Second of all, it's called "The First Contact Job," and it's about a rich, unscrupulous scientist who stole his partner's research and ruined his partner's reputation in the process. The team sets about scamming him by convincing him that he's made first contact with aliens. Any time Jonathan Frakes directs something with "First Contact" in the title, it's worth a mention.

Falling Skies (9 PM, TNT):
This show is back after a week off, and it looks like they're going to face some trouble on the way to Charleston:

The unit marches onward to Charleston, S.C., as some in the group continue to grieve recent losses. Meanwhile, information surfaces about Tector's past; and Matt connects with a recently discovered harnessed girl.

True Blood (9 PM, HBO):
This week's episode is "Everybody Wants to Rule the World," and now that we're going to Tears for Fears for episode titles, we can only hope next week's episode will draw on the works of Crowded House or Howard Jones. And it looks like this is the start of the rise of Dark Bill.

The start of the vampire holy war is a cause for celebration for Salome and the Chancellors; a rise in antisupernatural sentiment puts Sookie in danger.

Breaking Bad (10 PM, AMC):
It's Walt's birthday! No doubt that means it'll be a nice peaceful episode, maybe with some cake.

Skyler considers packing up the kids and leaving. Walt and Jesse's ongoing plan may be foiled by a new team member.


Also on TV tonight: Adult Swim has Black Dynamite at 11:30 PM, followed by a new Aqua Teen Hunger Force at midnight and Squid-Billies at 12:15.

Sources: Futon Critic, MSN TV, TV Guide, and various TV studio press releases.


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