Just in time for Halloween, last night’s Limitless was creepy, bizarre, disorienting and freakish. There were hallucinations galore, like bugs crawling under people’s skin, plus human faces devoid of eyes, noses, and mouths. Hey, I said I wanted this show to explore the crazy ass side effects of NZT. I got what I asked for. Trick or treat!

This week’s episode started innocently enough. Well, not innocently, per se: Brian wants Rebecca to keep hush-hush over stealing the classified NZT files so that she can help figure out what happened to her dad. She’s normally pretty by-the-books, but she’s in! Rebecca’s the Hermione to Brian’s Harry.

But it’s not long after when Brian starts experiencing some supremely gnarly side effects from NZT. It’s clearly time for his booster immunization, but Sands wants him to squirm. All episode long, he’s either writhing in pain, or seeing terrifying visions. Remember when he was holding an NZT tablet, and it started bleeding? Oh yeah, and speaking of blood, let’s revisit this NZT-fueled DIY dental work from a flashback of a previous test subject:

Yup. Heebie jeebies all day.

As we’re well into the first season, things are clearly starting to get heavier, darker. And more complicated. This show is at its best when it uses NZT as the main, antagonistic complicator, and trust among all characters is thrown up in the air. And since all the characters are really likable, we really want to know how things’ll pan out.


Take Brian and Rebecca, our leads. Just when you think they’re both on the same page, since Brian finally reveals to her he swiped the secret documents from her boss, we’re very clearly reminded in this episode that he’s still hiding his ties to Morra, and that his under-the-table immunizations are what makes Brian such a special NZT case and allow him to work for the FBI alongside Rebecca in the first place.

Speaking of Morra, he finally returns, and his true motives are shadier than ever. He now says he wants Brian as his partner, showing him a genetically modified grain of rice that he claims can grow anywhere and that packs in all the nutrients a human needs. But he rambles about how the world isn’t ready for such science, and that leaders like him and Brian can be the ones to change the world. Sure, that makes sense! Keep listening to the evil politician whose henchmen consistently break into your home, threaten to kill your dad, and also threaten to take away the remedy to the fatal superdrug you’re doped up on 24/7.


Meanwhile, Rebecca’s trust with her boss Naz is also thrown into question, all because of NZT. Turns out Naz has, duh, known all along about Rebecca’s dad’s own history as an NZT test subject, and has kept this a secret from her for years on end. Naz is also onto Brian—she’s not stupid, and she knows Rebecca won’t tell her the truth about the real plan. So we can definitely expect a Naz roadblock for our heroes as they pursue their new, secret mission. Sands will be an obstacle, as well—he told Brian that he and Morra want Rebecca gone. Not in a murder-y way, but in a fire-y way. Her dad’s connection to NZT is getting her way too close to the truth of the wonder drug, and apparently Morra doesn’t want that.

There will likely never be a point in which there are zero secrets between Brian and Rebecca, but I’m rooting for the kids no matter what. I wonder if we’ll be treated to more nightmarish illusions in future episodes, though. What’d you guys think?

Correction, 11:58 p.m.: This story originally stated Limitless was nearing its season finale, but last week, Variety reported that it was extended to a full season of 22 episodes.


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