This Week's Comics Have Something For Everyone... Even Monkey Fetishists

It had to happen; after the relatively quiet weeks of yore, this Wednesday sees a deluge of good stuff to your local comic book store. Whether you're looking for secret histories of your favorite superheroes, happier times for your favorite cancelled TV shows, something to make you pretend that the Speed Racer movie never happened, or just a way to feed your simian fetish, it's all going to be there at you local four-color emporium this week. We weren't joking about these being new comics you'll crave, you know.


It's an especially heavy week of multimedia tie-in books — Dark Horse has two great collections for you to pick up, Serenity: Better Days and Star Wars Omnibus: Early Victories (which includes the comic version of Splinter Of The Mind's Eye, which is awesome in so many ways). Meanwhile, IDW goes for the coffee table audience with The Art of IDW's Transformers and the brokenhearted-thanks-to-the-Wachowski-Brothers audience with the first volume of Speed Racer: The Next Generation. If you're missing Sci Fi's greatest show — No, not Eureka, although stay tuned for that comic in December — then Dynamite has the first issue of Battlestar Galactica: Ghosts, a new series that spins away from the cast that we know and love to provide its own brand of psychodrama. With the exception of the first issue of the beautiful must-have (previewed elsewhere on the site today) Ender's Game: Battle School, the most interesting tie-in book this week is probably The Ferryman, a new series about the ultimate black-ops operative, written by Entertainment Weekly's Marc Bernardin Marc Andreyko (thanks, Alex) from an idea by Joel Silver. As far as I know, it's not in the works as a movie or TV show... yet. But keep your eyes on this one.

In terms of original comic stories, there's a lot worth paying attention to this week — there's the third series of Marvel Zombies, which we've already written about. But if that doesn't float your boat, then the hardcover collection of Warren Ellis' superhero-political-drama Black Summer or DC's collection of 1950s and '60s monkey tales, DC Comics Goes Ape, represent two ends of the spectrum available to you from this week's releases. (Marvel's Young Avengers Presents collection and first issue of Wolverine flashback storyline X-Men Original Sin fall somewhere in the middle of that spectrum, both both are worth leafing through, if nothing else). But the gold star of original material this week is easily Annihiliation Classic, a hardcover collection of various space stories that led to Marvel's new intergalactic franchise that includes an issue of 1980s weirdness Rocket Raccoon featuring very early art by Mike Mignola. Everyone must see this, trust me. If you need more than just Hellboy's daddy drawing spacebound raccoons, you can find a complete list of this week's new comic releases here, and then the the Comic Shop Locator Service will help you find your closest local store. Remember: TV may offer you moving pictures, but only comics can offer you Beatles-influenced mammals fighting aliens.

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