This Week's Comics Bring Pulpy Goodness And Gonzo Superheroes

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What're you looking for this week? Zombies? Superpowered kung-fu action? Werewolves fighting vampires on the moon? Electric pirates? Old-school pulp men of the future? All of those and more are filling the pages of this week's new comics. Get excited.


Something else to be excited about: Diamond's website is back, which means we're working from an up-to-date shipping list again! But I know that's not what you came for; you'd rather I told you about things like 45, the superhero book that's part art book, part alternate history and all-round worth picking up, with art from people like Frazer Irving, Jock, Sean Philips and many more. Or perhaps you'd rather your superheroes were more traditional, like Marvel's Avengers: Korvac Saga (The Avengers deal with a cosmically-powered bad guy in this collection of classic 1970s comics) or Fantastic Four By Jonathan Hickman Vol. 1, which collects the first issues of the current run on Marvel's first family by the writer of Secret Weapons and The Nightly News. Dynamite Entertainment have the first collection of Project Superpowers Chapter Two, if you're craving some increasingly gonzo superheroics, although it doesn't get much weirder than Paul Grist's monster-surrounded British hero Jack Staff, who returns with the first issue of the appropriately-titled Weird World of Jack Staff from Image.

Illustration for article titled This Weeks Comics Bring Pulpy Goodness And Gonzo Superheroes

Of course, weird is in the eye of the beholder. Are superpowered martial artists your brand of "weird"? If so, then you might want to check out Immortal Weapons, an anthology spin-off from Marvel's dearly departed Immortal Iron Fist series, and it's possible your pop-cultural instincts might steer you towards Warren Ellis' new creation, Captain Swing And The Electrical Pirates of Cindery, which is best described by the man himself. And once you've decided that it's a week for pop culture mash-ups, why not just pick up Dark Horse's Werewolves On The Moon Versus Vampires, Vol. 1? The title really tells you all you need to know, after all. Also from Dark Horse this week, a hardcover collection of the wonderful (and wonderfully dated) newspaper astronaut strip Jet Scott that demands your love. Don't take my word for it, though; there's a preview you can see right here.

Over on the multi-media tie-in side of the aisle, IDW are having a great week; there's the Star Trek movie adaptation that we previewed yesterday, as well as a new GI Joe series, Operation HISS, and the "not actually a tie-in, but it's written by Heroes' Brea Grant and her brother" debut of period zombie series We Will Bury You, which wins points for title of the week if nothing else. Marvel are getting in on the licensed action too, with the collection of Halo: Helljumper that was initially supposed to go out last week.

Not only is the Diamond Distributors shipping list definitely up and updated right here this week, but so is the Comic Shop Locator Service. It's like technology has suddenly started to work again! But don't let that stop you from rushing out with your own shopping list... Just remember that Jet Scott would want you to.

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I've been reading Iron Fist in trade. They killed off the book?

Oh, wait, I should not be surprised. This is Marvel. They kill off quality titles and move the creative people to big crossover books and lame-butt-funk retcons.

They make so easy for me to save money and find good, independent or small publisher stuff.