It would be a fairly light week if DC hadn’t come to drop another humongous wave of Convergence comics on our collective heads, but that’s not all to the latest comics. Scifi thriller Pisces kicks off the story of a war veteran entrusted with First Contact, and there’s aliens on the run, Spider-Verses and more!

Dark Horse

Single Issues

  • Order of the Forge #1 - In an alternate retelling of American history, George Washington is imbued with mystical powers to fight threats to the nation he will help form, with the aid of Ben Franklin and Paul Revere. Written By: Victor Gischler Artist: Tazio Bettin
  • Resident Alien: The Sam Hain Mystery - An alien scientist on the run from the FBI hides among the human residents of Patience, Washington, to keep secrets about his homeworld safe. Written By: Peter Hogan Artist: Steve Parkhouse

DC Comics

Single Issues

  • Convergence Action Comics #1 - Superman teams up with Power Girl to stop a nuclear attack from Lex Luthor and the Stalin of Red Son Moscow. Written By: Justin Gray Artists: Jean-Claude St., Amanda Conner
  • Convergence Blue Beetle #1 - Blue Beetle, Captain Atom and the Question fight to save Hub City from destruction. Written By: Scott Lobdell Artist: Yishan Li
  • Convergence Booster Gold #1 - Booster must team up with his future self to escape from prison and off the planet. Written By: Dan Jurgens Artists: Alvaro Martinez, Raul Fernandez
  • Convergence Crime Syndicate #1 - Superwoman is on death row, and the Syndicate must do battle with the Batman and Superman of the One Million Universe. Written By: Brian Buccellato Artist: Phil Winslade
  • Convergence Detective Comics #1 - Helena Wayne and Dick Grayson try to seek out a replacement Batman to honor the deceased Bruce Wayne. Written By: Len Wein Artists: Denys Cowan, Bill Sienkiewicz
  • Convergence Infinity Inc #1 - The young heroes face tough questions about their destiny as they do battle with Jonah Hex. Written By: Jerry Ordway Artist: Ben Caldwell
  • Convergence Justice Society of America #1 - Retired from heroism, the Justice Society returns to the fight when the promise of youth is offered for facing off against the Qward. Written By: Dan Abnett Artists: Tom Derenick, Various
  • Convergence Plastic Man and the Freedom Fighters #1 -Plastic Man and his fellow Freedom Fighters find themselves in the gallows in a New York City occupied by Nazis. Written By: Simon Oliver Artist: John McCrea
  • Convergence Shazam! #1 - The Captain Marvel family does battle with the world of Gotham by Gaslight. Written By: Jeff Parker Artist: Doc Shaner
  • Convergence World’s Finest Heroes #1 - The Seven Soldiers of Victory regroup to defend their city against the Qward invasion. Written By: Paul Levitz Artists: Jim Fern, Various
  • Injustice: Gods Among Us Year Three #1 - The third year of war between Superman's Regime and Batman's Resistance enters a stalemate, until John Constantine enters the scene. Written By: Ray Fawkes, Brian Buccellato Artists: Sergio Fernandez Davila, Various


Trade Paperbacks

  • Headspace - What if your town was actually the mental construct of a killer? The populace of Carpenter Cover find out. Written By: Ryan Lindsay Artist: Eric Zawadzki


Single Issues

  • Pisces #1 - Dillon Carpenter returns from Vietnam and becomes an astronaut, and eventually is tasked with a secret mission to initiate first contact. But when trauma from the war torments him, he receives dark visions of the future. Written By: Kurtis J. Wiebe Artist: Johnnie Christmas

Trade Paperbacks

  • Goners Volume 1: We All Fall Down - In a world where Mortal humans live alongside mythical creatures, the Latimer family stand as the last line of defence against sinister supernatural threats. Written By: Jacob Semahn Artist: Jorge Corona


Trade Paperbacks

  • Edge of Spider-Verse - The collected tales of five different Spider-heroes across the alternate universes of the cosmos, from Spider-Man noir, the mysterious SP//dr, and Gwen Stacy, Spider-Woman! Written By: Various Artists: Various
  • Original Sin - Uatu the Watcher has been murdered! As the heroes of the Marvel universe investigate the crime, the darkest secrets of heroes and villains alike are revealed. Written By: Ed Brubaker, Various Artist: Javier Pulido, Various


  • Spider-Verse - The Inheritors invade the multiverse, feasting off the life force of various Spider-related heroes — before the remaining Spiders decided to band together and face the threat head on. Written By: Various Artist: Various


Single Issues

  • Fubar: Mother Russia #1 (Alterna) - A young Russian sniper in an alternate 1943 discovers a healthy young child, and must defend them from the horrors of the zombie apocalypse. Written By: Jeff McComsey Artist: Jeff McComsey
  • Mayday #1 (Black Mask) - A drug addled screenwriter and a transgender bartender discover a satanic cult’s plan to murder civilians and bring about the apocalypse. But as they battle to stop them, the find themselves asking if the threat is real, or an insane imagining. Written By: Curt Pires Artist: Chris Peterson
  • Metal Locus #1 (Cosmic) - In the far flung future, a data courier finds a program that could save the world, or threaten to destroy it. Written By: Stephan Nilson Artists: Larry Watts, Charles Pritchett
  • Scarlett Couture #1 (Titan) - The adventures of a lethal and thrillseeking CIA spy, gathering intelligence while undercover as head of security for her mother’s business. Written By: Des Taylor Artist:
  • Des Taylor
  • Skystorm Origins #1 (Afterburn) - The heroes of the Skystorm universe travel the breadth and with of the world on the hunt for shards of the Time Stone. Written By: Robert Wayne Hickey, Bill Nichols Artists: Willie Peppers, Various

Graphic Novels And Collections

Graphic Novels

  • The Last West Volume One (Alterna) - In a world where the first atomic bomb tests failed, halting civilisation’s progress, one man wields the power to change the world, with great cost. Written By: Evan Young, Lou Lovino Artist: Novo Malgapo
  • The Lunch Witch, Volume One (Papercutz) - The practice of magic has been passed down Grunhilda’s family for generations, but in a world where people don’t believe in Witches any more, she has to take on a new cauldron-stirring job: Lunch Lady. Written By: Deb Lucke Artist: Deb Lucke
  • Cow Boy Volume One: A Boy and his Horse (Boom!) - A bounty hunter in the old west goes out to hunt his outlaw family. The twist? Said bounty hunter is 10 years old. Written By: Nathan Cosby Artist: Chris Eliopoulos
  • Enormous Volume One (215 Ink) - In the midst of a planetary crisis for food and fuel, a vast ecological cataclysm has spawned massive beasts threatening to drive humankind into extinction. Written By: Tim Daniel Artist: Mehdi Cheggour
  • My Gal the Zombie (Antarctic) - Chelsea isn’t going to stop anything from ruining her cozy life... not even becoming one of the walking dead. Written By: Dan Connor Artist: Dan Connor


  • The Absence (Titan) - A long thought dead man returns to his costal hometown village, bringing terrible secrets and mysterious occurrences with him. Written By: Martin Stiff Artists: Martin Stiff
  • The Complete Johnny Nemo (Titan) - The ultra-violent and loud mouthed Private Investigator fights crime in the bizarre world of New London in 2921. Written By: Peter Milligan Artist: Brett Ewins
  • IT CAME! (Titan) - The giant alien robot GURK terrorises the 1950’s British countryside, and only a dashing space scientist and his lovely female companion can stop the nightmare. Written By: Dan Boultwood Artist: Dan Boultwood

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