This week's The Brave And The Bold doesn't just look back at Batman's martial-arts training, it also gives you the chance to meet Jonah Hex ahead of his big-budget movie debut. We have clips.

As if the promise of Batman fighting ninjas wasn't enough to get you to watch this week's episode of Television's Best Cartoon Ever (Okay, maybe "ever" is overstating it slightly), then how does time-travel and animal mutation sound? You'll get both of those as Bats also meets the Wild West's greatest gooey-faced gunslinger Jonah Hex, and.. well, here's the episode's official synopsis:

Fox, Vulture and Shark join the evil Shadow Clan in an attack on the ancient Wudang Temple and kill Master Wong Fei in a battle of flying arrows and martial arts. Flying swords, ninjas and the supernatural collide when Batman and Bronze Tiger must face their former colleagues. When the Terrible Trio steals the Wudang Totem and transform into unstoppable mystical creatures, it's up to Batman and Bronze Tiger to save us all!


Batman: The Brave and The Bold airs tonight on Cartoon Network at 8pm.