This Weekend, You Take Control Of A Science Fiction Novel On io9

Have you ever started reading a novel and thought, "Hey, why don't they explore this idea, instead of that one?" Now is your chance to make that kind of question count. This weekend, we'll have a livewriting event on io9.

Canadian novelist MCM, creator of the awesome cartoon TV series RollBots and author of The Pig and the Box as well as The Vector, is going to be writing his next novel this weekend, live on io9.


And the story will evolve based on your input in comments. Check back Saturday morning at 9 AM EST to get in on the action. The story will continue throughout the weekend, so you don't have to get up at 9 to participate. Tune in (and chime in) anytime!

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J.D. Buffington

If I get involved, there will just be penis monsters, arguments concerning Steely Dan, leopard men, replacing coke with I am NOT William S Burroughs, I am NOT William S Burroughs, I am NOT William S Burroughs...