This Weekend, Indulge Your Inner Blob

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Looking for something to do this weekend? Why not celebrate the 50th anniversary of Steve McQueen-monster movie The Blob at Phoenixville, PA's Colonial Theatre? The three-day event features not just the geltastic movie, but also special guests, audience participation and the chance to discover the best way to avoid alien brainwaves.

The event, called BlobFest 2008: The Golden Age of Monsters celebrates the 50th anniversary of the film's release in a number of different ways. For example, why not enter Friday's "Tin Foil Hat Competition"?

Hats must be wearable, made mostly of tin foil and will become the property of the Colonial Theatre. YES, they WILL become OURS - MwaHaHaHaaaaaa! Hats will be judged on originality, craftsmanship and, of course, their ability to protect the wearer from alien rays (invisible and otherwise), and thought-reading, mind controlling devices of assorted origins. You Will Be Tested.


If you're of a more athletic bent, then you'll love the fact that you can re-enact the running out of the theater scene with all your friends... as long as you're sitting in the right place, that is:

Those seated in the balcony do not participate in the running out re-enactment. You must be seated on the first floor of the auditorium to run out.

Other events include a Blob Location Tour, a Steve McQueen Lookalike contest, and a fire extinguisher parade to remember the one weapon that's able to stop the deadly monster. Thankfully, the three days of Blob-centricism will also include four showings of the movie itself (as well as screenings of The Tingler, Creature From The Black Lagoon (in 3-D) and Steve McQueen documentary An American Rebel), just in case you forget what you're supposed to be celebrating, what with everything else that's going on.

Blobfest [via Monsters and Critics]


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The Creature in 3D? If I was anywhere near there I'd be right on top of that!