Yes, the Transmetropolitan author has penned a book whose hidden story you must read by black light. Plus, new issues of Fear Itself and Flashpoint, and Joe Casey pens Magneto up to his old supervillainous shenanigans.

First Issues

One of the more intriguing releases this week comes from writer Joe Casey — the miniseries Vengeance promises to take an in-depth look at Marvel's many malefactors. Is it tied in with that old 1980s Acts of Vengeance crossover? Is it an alternate reality tale? It ain't exactly clear. We do know that Vengeance involves Magneto, Red Skull, and a whole mess of new villains misbehaving.


Speaking of that evil Crimson Cranium, Greg Pak pens a Red Skull miniseries to coincide with that new movie about patriotic Cherry Coolattas or something.


Tony Cypress' futuristic derby one-shot Rodd Racer is out from Image, and Fear Itself tie-ins Uncanny X-Force and Wolverine are too.

Other Releases

Again, Marvel and DC do the whole "big summer comics squaring off the same week" spiel with new issues of Flashpoint and Fear Itself. I hereby dub this convergence of mega-events Flash Itself.


Also, two of the better Flashpoint tie-ins — Batman: Knight of Vengeance and Secret Seven — are out too. As for the rest of the four-color bumper crop, we got new issues of Secret Six, Irredeemable, The Boys, iZombie, Chew, and Sweet Tooth.

The award for Weirdest Solicitation of The Week goes to the Disturbingly Perverted Diary Of Doktormentor: "This all-real-photo comic story features girls gone bad and crazy B-Movie style adventure as the mystery of Doktormentor unfolds with more thrills, chills, and ta-tas." ARE YOU THE TARGET DEMOGRAPHIC?

Graphic Novels


One idiosyncratic release that you won't find in stores is Warren Ellis and D'Israeli's graphic novella SVK. The book — which is about a futuristic surveillance state — comes with a black light reader to read dialogue printed in invisible ink. According to the publisher, "SVK is a modern detective story, one that Ellis describes as 'Franz Kafka's Bourne Identity.' " You can order it direct from the publisher at this link, but know it's not super-cheap to ship out of England. SVK is out today.

Volume 2 of Greg Rucka and Ed Brubaker's acclaimed Gotham Central is released on trade paperback, as is Matt Kindt's dimension-hopping graphic novel Revolver (which we were quite fond of), and a reprint of Volume 5 of Alan Moore's Saga of the Swamp Thing (it's the book where he fights Batman's lumber-tank).


Other graphic novels that may be in your wheelhouse include George RR Martin's Fevre Dream on trade paperback, Brian Michael Bendis' Scarlet on hardcover, X-Files/30 Days Of Night on trade paperback, Volume 1 of Star Wars: Knight Errant, and Volume 1 of the 1980s Justice Society farm team Infinity Inc.

As usual, here's the list of everything being released to comic stores tomorrow, and you can find your nearest comic retailer here. Rock over Asteroid M, rock on Ysmault! Miraclo — not FDA approved!