Everyone Learns a Harsh Lesson in Tonight's Game of Thrones

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The question is this: How many people will live long enough to use that knowledge?

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So tonight saw the much-anticipated return of the Hound, the less-anticipated but still welcome return of the Blackfish, Sansa making a fateful decision, and poor Arya feeling the consequences of the fateful decision she made last week... feeling it two or three times, I believe.


Everything feels like it’s slowly clicking into place, doesn’t it? Discuss away!

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This week’s random musings:

• The Hound! Fuck yeah!!! I love him so much. I still miss his adventures with Arya.

• I wonder how Arya would feel if she knew The Hound was alive.

• Sex advice from a priest? *sigh*

• Now he’s threatening Olenna. Asshole.

• Maergery must be going mental trying to put on this act

• I like Jon Snow’s speeches much better than Dany’s

• Feeling meh about Jon’s new hairdo

• This moment:

• Hello Bronn, I’ve missed your filthy mouth.

• Ouch, that’s harsh dude.

• As I was saying (about Bronn):

• Little Lyanna of Bear Island is a tough cookie ~ I like her

• Ser Davos, so often the voice of reason

• Jaime looks like he’s about to stomp his feet like a toddler

• Sansa’s balls grow bigger with every episode this season

• Nice to see Yara having fun for once.

• Poor Theon :(

• No Sansa, don’t even think of asking Littlefinger for help

• Damn it Arya, you should have been more wary of anyone with a face you didn’t recognize

• The Hound is officially done with this hippie shit. Yessssss, this is going to be good.