This Week On Heroes, Everybody Dies But Seth Green

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If they killed off all the characters on Heroes, would that save this season? The ridiculous cliffhanger and promos make it seem like almost every character is dying, or in imminent danger of death. But will there be any real deaths? Watch a clip from tonight's episode and judge for yourself. Also, there are preview clips from Chuck, and tons of trailers for Fringe, Pushing Daisies, Eleventh Hour and more.



Heroes -
The eclipse is still going and all 1,000 cast members are rallying for the big moment where they find out if they'll lose their powers forever and ever. I'm on the side of no. The second half of "The Eclipse" two-parter is at 9 PM on NBC.

Heroes Clip:

Heroes Promo:

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles -
What's the sexy glazed-eyed Summer Glau bot do all night whilst the Connor family is asleep? My guess is, robot clubbing. The new TSCC is on 8 PM at Fox.

TSCC Promo:


Chuck -
The best part of Chuck is being revisited this week: Captain Awesome's parents come to town. Let the high-fiving flow like the river Jordan. Plus we get to meet Casey's mentor. Chuck is on NBC at 8 PM.

Chuck Promo:


Chuck clips:

My Own Worst Enemy -
Our split-personality hero is still trying to find out who murdered his parents. Will he figure it out before the show ends forever? My Own Worst Enemy is on NBC at 10 PM.


Gundam 00 -
Get your mecha madness fix, with a double showing of Gundam 00 (season one) over on the Sci Fi Channel at 11 PM.


Fringe -
This week on the Walter and Peter Bishop variety hour, Olivia meets a man that gets stuck walking through a wall and starts to lose her damn mind with all her ex-boyfriend's memories all floatin' around in her noggin. Fringe is on Fox at 9 PM.


Fringe Promo:


There's an early morning Twilight Zone marathon starting at 8 AM with "He's Alive" on the Sci Fi Channel.


Pushing Daisies -
It's a battle of tasty wits on Pushing Daisies, as Ned and Olive try and win the comfort food competition. Until the chef is found dead. Was it the waffle nazi? Pushing Daisies is on ABC at 8 PM.

Pushing Daisies Promo:


UFO: Hunters -
Everything you've ever wanted to know about the little green men that landed in the desert near Roswell, New Mexico, will all be explained — including whether there was a second crash. Tune into UFO: Hunters on The History Channel at 10 PM.

UFO Promo


No Knight Rider this week.

Watch one family try to pick up the pieces 28 weeks after the rage virus destroyed England. But of course, nothing will go according to plan. 28 Weeks Later is on 3 PM on Cinemax.



No new Smallville this week.

No new Supernatural this week.

No new Life On Mars this week.

Eleventh Hour -
Hood uses his smarts in Oklahoma to uncover why all of the students are dying of the bends (the scuba related condition, not the Radiohead album which is equally as relevant, since they're at a college). Eleventh Hour is on CBS at 10 PM.


Testees -
This week on Testees the human lab rats test out chastity belts which mean they can't have sex for a week. Which if you've seen the show, probably shouldn't be that big of a problem. "Abstinence Underwear" is on FX at 11 PM.


Stamp your feet and hold your breath until daddy finally ponies up for that golden goose, when ABC Family screens Charlie And The Chocolate Factory at 6 PM.


All three Dinotopia's are back-to-back over at the Sci Fi Channel starting at 11 PM, and if you didn't know how to make a dinosaur-pulled cart before, you will now.


Stargate Atlantis -
It's Jewel Staite's chance to act like a sexy prison-lady when Dr. Keller's consciousness gets swapped with a criminal's. It's about time this show got around to a body/brain swapping story. Stargate Atlantis is on 9 PM on the Sci Fi Channel.


Sanctuary -
This week Amanda Tapping's monster hunters head underwater, and into more trouble. Sanctuary is on 10 PM on the Sci Fi Channel.

Batman: The Brave And The Bold -
Batman teams up with the fish man himself — Aquaman — and they get to fight Ocean Master and Black Manta. Underwater squee! B&B is on Cartoon Network at 8 PM.


Clone Wars -
Sorry we got the episodes confused last week but this is the week that the baby jedi fights! Ahsoka is under attack on Star Wars: The Clone Wars and she has to fight with Luminara to protect their prisoner, Nute Gunray. Fight, baby Jedi, fight, on the Cartoon Network at 9 PM.

Ben 10: Alien Task Force is on 9:30 PM on the Cartoon Network.

Smear your face with mud and set fire to your house, 'cause Predator is on at 11:30 PM on HBO.



Didn't think Helena Bonham Carter could get any creepier? Check out Tim Burton's The Planet of The Apes remake on FX at 2 P. 2:00.



Travel to the depths of the ocean right quick, before Hollywood remakes this technicolor classic with Mel Gibson voicing the giant squid. 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea is on 4 PM on TCM.



Final: God Fearing Robot

Creepy is a good look on Helena Bonham Carter.