This week on Cult Movie Worship, it's zombies versus puppies!

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Brace yourself! Tonight man's best friend takes on man's favorite apocalyptic monster, zombies!



Indidente is your classic cameraman POV zombie flick. A pack of journalists sneak into a mysterious building to uncover the truth, yada yada yada, they all die. At least that's what we're expecting. That being said, we love the zombie make-up photos that were recently released. It's got a good look to it (see the below gallery).

A Special Division police member finds videotape in the form of an unfinished documentary featuring material of a very dark and strange nature. Years ago in the Nacan's Factory, an employee killed 16 workers and finally himself. Investigating police could find no logical explanation for the events and the case was filed as "Incident" (a designation that police use for cases with no solution, offering no reasonable explanation). Today cameraman Christian and journalist Romina, along with a crime specialist and a priest, will enter the building to document what really happened that day.This is the tape of what they discovered.

Via Undead Back Brain

Play Dead

This latest Kickstarter-funded movie sold us with this tagline, "Homeward Bound meets a zombie apocalypse." Yes, one-thousand times, yes. Thank you, Play Dead. Go give this film money right now. (If you give over $2,000 to the project the producers will reenact the entire Resident Evil franchise dressed as dogs, someone make them do this).

A zombie apocalypse unites a ragtag pack of dogs in the ruined streets of Miami. Immune to the epidemic, they must stick together to survive in the midst of ferocious undead and human survivors. Sit. Stay. Play dead...

Bobby Yeah

Written and directed by Robert Morgan, the 20-minute short Bobby Yeah makes us uncomfortable. But then again a giant stop-motion worm pet with a giant red button glued to its side should make anyone uncomfortable. Still, from what we've seen from this trailer, it appears to be quite gorgeously gory.

Bobby Yeah is a petty thug who lightens his miserable existence by brawling and stealing stuff. One day, he steals the favourite pet of some very dangerous individuals, and finds himself in deep trouble. He really should learn, but he just can't help it.

Via Twitch Film.

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Seriously... F*ck you, Shaky Cam! I'm really, REALLY getting sick with movies in which I can't see a damn thing 80% of the time because somebody is running around with the camera....