Up to this point, I’ve been pretty happy with Killjoys being a fun, reasonably lighthearted show that points to the occasional social message. In this week’s episode, Glitch in the System, the show turns dark, fast.

This week’s episode starts off with the crew jetting about in space, near an asteroid field. They’ve got a Claim and Clear warrant, one that essentially lets them board an abandoned ship, claim whatever is stored onboard, and blow it up. They’re expecting a nice, easy warrant, and there’s plenty of banter between the crew as they swoop in and dock with what appears to be an enormous cargo ship.

They board, queue up the music, and begin to search the ship: John’s looking for the transponder, D’av planting mines to destroy the ship, and Dutch is looking for whatever they can salvage. Things get weird when they start to notice that a) the ship’s empty, and b) there’s blood splattered everywhere.

They come across a guy who’s bloodied, and Lucy detaches, telling them that there’s a contamination alert. The guy throws himself out of an airlock, but not before he paints ‘17’ on the glass. Meanwhile, D’av finds another guy, Hogan, who claims to have been on the ship for years: they were salvagers and their ship also detached.


This is where things get dark in short order. Dutch discovers that there’s a whole bunch of dead bodies, and that the ship was a military vessel. D’av gets captured by Hogan, who puts him in a sealed room with a system that begins to interrogate him, asking him about his background. He’s injected with something that allows the ship to selectively hurt and heal him, and it seems that it’s a type of military research thing gone wrong.


In the course of the interrogation, D’av blurts out that he killed his fellow soldiers, but can’t remember why. Dutch and John watch in horror on the screens, and go out to rescue him, with Dutch getting captured in the meantime. She too is interrogated, and she confronts Hogan, telling him that she knows something he doesn’t: he wasn’t selected for any sort of special duty by the machine: he just butchered the rest of his crew because it was malfunctioning. She breaks out, jumps off the ship and uses the nanites (or whatever the interrogation machine was using) to keep her alive while she jumps out to Lucy, floating 50 meters away.

The brothers also escape, killing Hogan and getting off the ship before they blow it to bits. After that, it’s decontamination time, and the brothers have a short talk about what D’av did in his past.


By and by, this was D’av’s episode, and we learned some crucial things about him: first, all of his nightmares are rooted in a pretty dark place: it looks like the trauma that he received wasn’t from actual combat, but from killing the rest of his squad, in some way that was later blocked from his mind. There’s a story thread that just got a little deeper. It’ll be interesting to see where that particular rabbit hole goes, and who’s behind it. It does seem that the nanites healed him a bit, but it appears that there’s some other things going on with him.

There’s some other, minor little things that go on. Khlyen, Dutch’s mentor shows up with a severed hand from the guy she let escape a couple of episodes ago, and lectures her on being weak, and orders her to come with him. Judging from next week’s episode description, it looks like we’ll see a bit more from that.


All and all, this was better than last week’s episode, which makes me happy, but it definitely explored some darker territory than in previous episodes.