Lauren German as Det. Chloe Decker on “Lucifer.” Photo by Liane Hentscher/FOX

After all that flailing around after those damn missing wings, this week’s Lucifer, “Et Tu, Doctor?” was way light on the Satan stuff. The homicide du jour also took a back seat, as Lucifer came to the unpleasant realization that he was capable of jealousy—and Chloe’s corruption case took an unexpected turn.

Not that she knows it yet. In the episode’s best reveal and maybe the most clever twist that Lucifer has taken yet, we learn a rather surprising fact about her ex. Who knew that Dan—who was just starting to seem like a nice guy after all—was secretly a part of the Palmetto shootings? What will Chloe do when she finds out? Does this mean she won’t get back together with “Detective Douche” after all, and we’ll have to endure weeks more of Chloe and Lucifer will-they-or-won’t-they tension? (Duh, of course we will.)


Photo by Ben Mark Holzberg/Copyright 2016

While Lucifer fans ponder those juicy yet superficial concerns, Damien used its second episode, “Second Death,” to make us wish the show was called Ann Rutledge instead. Ann—who dryly informs to Damien that she’s “not a fan” of God—does things like crush a bird’s skull under her shoe (after a funeral, outside a church), write $50,000 personal checks, and suddenly appear right when Damien’s being questioned by squinty cops about yet another mysterious death in his presence. She also lives in a fabulous apartment decorated with chandeliers, goat skulls, and gory photographs—and a creepy basement museum of Damien-abilia. Ummm ... it’s awesome being the glamorous, evil, all-knowing, secret-keeping, protector of the Antichrist. Way more awesome than being the petulant, reluctant son of Satan.

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