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This Video Shows The Craziest Thing You've Ever Seen Water Do

This video is just water splashing on a hydrophobic surface in slow motion. That doesn't sound like much, until you see the first fifteen seconds, in which a water droplet smashes to pieces and comes together again like the liquid-metal Terminator.


GE put out this video of ultra-slow motion water droplets hitting a hydrophobic surface. The word "ultra-slow" is not an exaggeration. The video is beautiful, but there's only so much fascination that can be gained by watching water droplets just barely move.

Fortunately, the best part is right at the beginning when we see a water droplet hit the water-repelling surface and smash, and then come back together again in a sequence that, if I didn't know better, I'd swear was just the smashing sequence being run backwards. Seeing the tinier water droplets combine and seemingly leap upwards is uncanny. They almost look sentient, like the sequence in Terminator 2 when the liquid metal terminator came back together after being frozen. Have a look.


[Source: GE Reports.]

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