This Video Shows the Biggest Differences Between Sam Raimi and Marc Webb's Spider-Man Films

Two Peter Parkers. Image: Google
Two Peter Parkers. Image: Google

Most people would agree Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man movies are superior to Marc Webb’s Spider-Man movies. The question then becomes, “Why?” Well, we found a video that does a very good job of explaining “Why?”


The team at Screencrush put together the below video that takes a scene from Raimi’s Spider-Man 2, and a similar scene from Webb’s Amazing Spider-Man 2, and uses them to examine the huge gap between the movies. It gets a little hokey at times, but it’s a fun, smart piece of film analysis.

Do you agree with the points made here?

[ScreenCrush YouTube]

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For me... Raimi’s Spider-Man is a better Webhead and Webb’s Peter Parker is a better Peter. Raimi’s Peter is way too pathetic and emo. Likewise his MJ is oh so whiney... Where as Webb’s Gwen Stacy is so damn loveable.

Raimi’s action sequences are better than Webb’s but Webbs non Spider-Man parts are superior to Raimi’s.

Overall Raimi’s films are better though Webb’s are still really good. Being a massive Spider-Man fan with web tinted glasses... I love them all just as much.