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This Video Shows How Much the Tomb Raider Movie Owes to the Video Game

Image: Left: Warner Bros, Right: Square Enix. Screengrab: IGN
Image: Left: Warner Bros, Right: Square Enix. Screengrab: IGN

From the looks of it, the new Tomb Raider reboot is set to be a massive pivot from Angelina Jolie’s much-derided take on the character. Instead, it’s much more inspired by the 2013 Tomb Raider game that followed a much younger Lara Croft on her very first tomb raiding mission.


While Alicia Vikander’s look in the new Tomb Raider trailer was already more than enough evidence that her Croft would be much more in line with her current video game iteration, it’s another thing to actually compare shots between the film and the game itself. In a new video from IGN, you can see that there are a number of shots clearly borrowed directly from the video game that are damn-near perfectly recreated in Roar Uthaug’s upcoming film.

While the new Tomb Raider’s aesthetics might have lent themselves to a live-action adaptation, what remains to be seen is if the film will receive marks as glowing as its video game counterpart. We’ll all have to judge for ourselves when Tomb Raider hits theaters on March 16, 2018.

io9 Culture Critic and Staff Writer. Cyclops was right.

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Darmok eats Challah at 12Nagra

Vikander is indeed well jacked for the role, but makes you wonder why the star of BOTH Tomb Raider video games didn’t get the role. Most likely so they can keep her less paid than Vikander.