This Video Runs Down the Fictional History of One of Star Wars' Most Recognizable Blasters

Stormtroopers, with their E-11s.
Stormtroopers, with their E-11s.
Image: Disney/Lucasfilm

Okay, the most recognizable blaster in Star Wars is probably Han’s Blaster, the Dl-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol. But this is the second.


The E-11 Blaster is wielded by heroes and villains alike, the standard-issue gun of Imperial Stormtroopers, part of a lineage of fictional weapons used by the Grand Army of the Republic before it and the First Order after it. Chances are, if someone in a Star Wars movie or TV show picks up a random blaster and starts shooting, it’s some variant of the E-11.

In a great little video, EC Henry (who has a habit of giving fascinating attention to the fictional design and history of scifi tech) runs down the production history and specs of the E-11 and the variants that appear across the series. You’ll learn answers to questions like, what are all the little extra doodads on the back of the gun? And, why is it so small?

I highly recommend it— at just over five minutes, it’s a brisk watch, and you’ll understand the Star Wars universe a little better. And isn’t that the best reward of all?

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