This Video Reminds Us We've Already Seen a Perfect Post-Episode III Obi-Wan Moment

Image: Disney
Image: Disney

We may be beating a dead horse by this point, but Obi-Wan Kenobi fighting Darth Maul in this year’s Star Wars Rebels was absolutely perfect. It’s so perfect, in fact, it makes me question the entire idea of a solo Obi-Wan movie which, of course, is now in development.


Case in point: this new video from the Star Wars Rebels season three Blu-ray, courtesy of Entertainment Weekly. It shows how producer and writer Dave Filoni not only used film history to create the battle, but also how the battle was almost an evolution of Obi-Wan in three different poses. There’s so much going on here it’s crazy.


We exclusively spoke to Filoni about this scene earlier this year and you can read that below. There’s lots of additional info in the interview.

And if you haven’t seen this episode, you can catch it when the Rebels season three Blu-ray is released August 29. You will not regret it.

[Entertainment Weekly]


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I want more Obi-Wan and think the Rebels episode filled that void. But at the same time I think a movie, however well made, isn’t going to move the Star Wars saga forward.

It’s long overdue, but Star Wars needs to move forward, not backwards. As appealing as Han and Obi Wan are as characters revisiting them, and tweaking them however so slightly or grandly, is only diminishing their already defining moments and the scope of the universe.

I’m in favor of seeing some imagination used for expanding the Star Wars universe beyond known characters with only minor overlap with existing ones and their story lines. The foundation of this series doesn’t need more mortar.