This Video Of Water Heating Up On A Stove Is Weirdly Hypnotic

This oddly beautiful video shows us how water warms over a heat source in little slow-motion eruptions. Watch the dye rise up from the hot plate and spread over the water like the world’s most benign mushroom cloud.


The first part of this video is predictable. The hot water rises, carrying the dye with it. To be sure, it’s super interesting to watch the convection current carry the dye with it.

But what surprised me was the “cap” that the water (and dye) forms. The curling cap reminds me of the caps on mushroom clouds after atomic bombs. As the video shows, the same thing happens when high-stacked cumulonimbus clouds hit their tropospheric “ceiling” and spread out.


[Source: UCLA Spinlab]

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Cubone Libre

I guess the old saying is true. I watched this video several times and the pot never boiled.