Watching this video is a little like peeling off a blackhead-laden nose strip, picking away at sloughs of sunburnt skin, or popping a particularly tumid zit. It's unequivocally disgusting, but also gratifying in the sort of way that makes you wonder if there might be something wrong with you. (I spent this entire video shouting "NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO. NO. No. NO!" But I didn't look away once.)

There seems to be some confusion in the comments section of the YouTube video over whether this anaconda's regurgitated meal is, in fact, a cow and not a capybara. Here, for the sake of both eye-bleach and comparison, is a photo of squirrel monkeys hitching a ride on the back of a capybara:


What say you guys? We happen to think the animal being disgorged in the video looks a bit leggy to be a capybara, but (unlike YouTube commenters) we're not exactly experts.

[Via Craig McClain]

Capybara ride by Caters via

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