If you were already feeling a little paranoid about drones, this video will put you into complete terror mode. It's a DiY drone with a gun. What could go wrong? Find out, in this slo-mo capture of a drone on a shooting rampage.

Luckily, the drone is only shooting fruit and my mobile phone (well, not my EXACT phone, just the make and model).


Cameron Manwaring writes in to io9 to say:

So some of my friends who work for a screen protection company took a remote control quad copter, attached a handgun to the gimble, added a remote control trigger, and then shot a bunch of stuff up. Scary but cool.

I'm going to say this is far toward the "scary" end of the scary/cool spectrum.

I should note that I'm not entirely sure this video is real, either. We do see the trigger being pulled, but there are a lot of "cut away to show the explosions" bits that suggest that this is just a super creepy piece of science fiction that could be real any minute now.