This Video Lets You Follow A White Blood Cell On Its Strange Path

We don't usually think of cells as particularly dramatic. But, as you can see in this video, the life of a white blood cell is fraught with hidden strangeness, beauty, and, yes, drama.


This video, which was nominated by commenter Kaeleira in response to a call for the most useful scientific visualizations, comes from Harvard University's Biovisions program and was created with the help of the biomedical animators at XVIVO.


"The Inner Life Of The Cell" shrinks our view down to the size of a white blood cell as it moves through the circulatory system. It's an incredible and rarely seen view of a world that, in both terms of shapes and motions, is more evocative of the strangeness of space or the deep ocean than its relatively mundane surface would suggest.

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I haven't actually seen it, but I think there was an entire movie all about that.