This vibrating glove has engineers excited

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If you've ever lived in the cold, then you know how simple tasks like unlocking your car door or unzipping a backpack become borderline impossible when you're wearing gloves. The lack of sensory feedback can turn an otherwise everyday activity into an exercise in jaw-clenched concentration.


But now engineers at the Georgia Institute of Technology have designed a vibrating glove that can help re-establish the sensory feedback provided by touch, and the glove has already been shown to improve hand-coordination in test subjects significantly.

InnovationNewsDaily's Jeremy Hsu, who describes the vibrating glove as better than a sex toy, explains the science behind the glove:

Such enhancement is possible because of how the human sense of touch works. Nerves in our fingertips get triggered once outside stimuli reach a certain threshold - a bit like how water fills up a glass until it overflows. Faint "white noise" vibrations can partially fill the metaphorical glass and make it easier for smaller stimuli to trigger fingertip nerves.


You can read more about the glove, including thoughts from the inventors on its future applications, over at InnovationNewsDaily.

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