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This VFX Reel Spotlights the Majesty of Justice League's Best Special Effects

Wonder Woman, wary for battle.
Wonder Woman, wary for battle.
Image: Warner Bros

Scanline Media really has outdone themselves.

The Blockbuster visual effects firm recently posted a video showing off all the visual effects shots that they worked on. It’s a heck of a watch, showing some really beautiful moments in their unvarnished, high-definition glory. The reel also showcases some details that might be interesting to people fascinated by the behind-the-scenes turmoil of the film: there’s a slightly different color grading scheme at work in these shots, and they also include some small moments not featured in the theatrical cut, mostly featured in a small sequence adding to Wonder Woman’s fight with Steppenwolf.


As someone who isn’t super invested in Justice League, I still find this a riveting watch: Scanline truly puts together some dynamic, colorful, and visually arresting work here. Check it out below.

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How did they find the nerve to put out a show reel? The VFX in Justice League were hot garbage. Just a mishmash of badly rendered cgi goo.