This Vast Ocean City Was Supposed To Be Our Salvation, But It Could Be Your Tomb

In the near future, we'll all live in tightly packed arcologies, including ocean cities — where we'll shoot at each other and fire rocket launchers in the air. This gorgeous "seagoing eco-city" comes from the first-person shooter Brink.

In a new blog post, Lead Writer Ed Stern explains how the writings of BLDGBlog writer and io9 contributor Geoff Manaugh helped to inspire the game's ocean-city setting:

After having spent a lot of time reading Geoff Manaugh's brilliant architecture/futurism/infrastructure website bldblog and researching the sci-fi towers of the Burj Al Arab hotel, the Masdar Initiative, the buildings of Santiago Calatrava, Paolo Soleri's visionary (and unfinished) Arcosanti, Patrick Salsbury's Oceana and the Shimizu Pyramid, it became clear that some sort of seagoing eco-city would give us everything we wanted. It was familiar enough to draw on zeitgeist-ish current concerns, but distant enough in time and space that players wouldn't have seen it before. We'd be building a location that was a constructed, confected place with plenty of geometry suitable for gameplay. Like any city, it would be a place where many stories could occur, but it would also have its own creation story.


The concept art of the Ark city definitely looks amazing — a failed utopia, with major touches of squalor. Pretty much the perfect place to have a few hundred shoot-outs. [Bethesda Blog via VG247]


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