Jess and Dan wanted to simplify their lives. So they built one of the tiniest houses we've ever seen. It's 128 square feet on top of a truck flatbed. Here's how they fit all of life's essentials into such a small space.


The couple built this house from the ground up in Rhode Island, using as much recycled material as they could. The wood inside is all reclaimed from an 18th century barn, and looks completely gorgeous. And the interior looks cozy, rather than cramped. There are even spots for a laptop and some cute knick-knacks.

Jess and Dan have a compost toilet, and use a gravity/solar camp shower or go to the gym to wash up. Also, of course, they have lots of water stored in containers for daily use. They say it hasn't been that difficult getting used to a life without running water. But more importantly, it fits with their belief that conserving water is very important.


Jess told Custom Made:

I don't even consider it challenging. The only piece I needed to work on at first was remembering to plan ahead. If I wanted to make soup, I knew I needed to remember to heat up my broth water first so it would be hot and ready to add at the right time. Dan and I have had more than one day where we were covered in sweat and dirt from working or exercising and the thought of grabbing our shower stuff and traveling somewhere wasn't great. In the grand scheme of things, we are both proud of and committed to the way we live. We both believe too much convenience can be dangerous. You become disconnected and lose sight of how much work or effort goes into things. Dan and I want to live more deliberately with appreciation for even the smallest and simplest of things. I feel we have finally begun to see the true value of things.

Also, these guys are so much more ready for the apocalypse than you are. They keep goats, and live off the land as much as they can.


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