Image: Fox/DC
Image: Fox/DC

Fox’s Gotham is a wild ride. A cheesy, flamboyant take on Bruce Wayne’s youth that’s somehow morphed into the madcap adventures of Teen Batman-But-Not-Batman, it’s—well, it’s something else.

And this video, a recap of the first half of hte fourth season and a preview of the second, is a perfect summation of the precise je ne sai quoi of nonsensical cameos, a-decade-early villains, and just general lunacy that the show thrives on. The Penguin has an ice statue? Alfred and Bruce are having a fist fight? Oh, hey, it’s Poison Ivy. And Jerome, who is most definitely not The Joker except he totally is.


I haven’t watched Gotham in quite some time, but this is so silly and over-the-top that it makes me want to dive right in up to my eyeballs. Check it out below.


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