This Touching Star Wars Fan Film Will Probably Bring A Tear To Your Eye

With all its rampant speculation and consumerism, we sometimes forget that Star Wars is all about wonder. About that feeling we got first seeing the movies and being transported to somewhere magical. Now, a new short film captures that notion and gives it a little twist.


The film is called Summer ‘78 and is directed by J.C. Reifenberg. In it a young boy plays with his (now vintage) Star Wars toys in the backyard, and builds a world full of imagination. You’ll see some fun cameos, some exciting toy-based action. and an ending that isn’t just touching, but actually gives us faith. Faith that maybe Star Wars will once again give fans that sense of wonder we’ve been craving.

Plus, if you watch the movie closely, there are a ton of Easter Eggs in there too. It really is a nice little short made with the kind of love we sometimes forget when it comes to a galaxy far, far away.

[YouTube, H/T /Film]

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That was lovely - I especially liked the way that non-Star Wars toys were incorporated into the play - something I have some experience with!