This Timelapse Video of California's Joshua Tree National Park is Absolutely Epic

Damn. Just... damn. If you've never been to Joshua Tree National Park or the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest in California, this jaw-dropping timelapse by filmmaker Henry Jun Wah Lee may be the only incentive you need to schedule a visit.


Filmed during the peak of August's Perseid meteor shower, this arresting three-minute film — dubbed "Ascendance" — is loaded with views of the California landscape, and set against a stunning backdrop of lightning, stars, rainbows, meteors and the Milky Way. The end result is nothing if not sublime. Writes Jun Wah Lee:

Ascendance is a tribute to nature's unpredictable power and beauty. I went out to film the Perseid meteor shower but I encountered so much more. When you are out there, you never know for sure what nature will bring. Always be ready for a magical experience.


This should go without saying, but you'll want to enjoy this in HD, full screen. The accompanying soundtrack will give you goosebumps, so crank up the volume, as well.

[Via Henry Jun Wah Lee]

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Having never been that far away from civilization, does the sky really look that awesome?