From 1802 until his exile in 1815, Napoleon embarked on several massive campaigns across virtually all of Europe. This new video shows the changing front lines from his position as Consul for Life to his historic defeat at Waterloo.


This timelapse was put together by Emperor Tigerstar.

The changing frontlines are shown in two-week intervals, which makes sense given the length of time in question (~13 years) and the slow pace of troop movements. But as Emperor Tigerstar told me, "Warfare may seem slower in this time as it's not Blitzkrieg, but it was very fast for its time."


The timelapse also shows why a superstition on fighting Napoleon developed by the end of this war.

"The fact that he revolutionized warfare and was able to defeat Prussia, Austria, and Russia within a year and a half — even if all three would eventually get their revenge thanks to Napoleon invading Russia itself in 1812 — is a very impressive feat," he told io9.

He added that mapping out the war in Spain was among one of the most difficult things he's ever had to do, even if he left out the guerilla aspect.

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