This Time-Warping Novel Won China's Version Of The Nebula Award

Illustration for article titled This Time-Warping Novel Won Chinas Version Of The Nebula Award

In Ruins of Time by Bao Shu, a disastrous time experiment locks the entire world into a time loop that lasts just 20 hours. And this Groundhog Day scenario just won China's version of the Nebula Award, the Xingyun Award.

Also honored with a Xingyun Award: Ken Liu, who translated the bestselling Chinese science fiction novel The Three Body Problem into English recently. "Smart Life" by Ping Zongqi from Taiwan won the award for best short story. The Xingyun Awards were just launched in 2010 by the World Chinese Science Fiction Association, but this year's ceremony already had 2,000 people in attendance. [Xinhua]

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Wow, that sounds...

*gallops off to learn chinese*