This Time, The Bride Killed Bill With Cuteness

If you're looking for something to do in Los Angeles tonight, consider swinging by the opening of Truck Torrence's Mass Hysteria! show at Gallery 1988 (East). Torrence will be showing off his pop culture crowd illustrations, packed with adorable versions of familiar TV and movie characters.

What possesses Torrence, who also goes by 100% Soft, to draw such cutesy versions of often violent characters? Speaking over email, Torrence told us:

Well the simple answer is, I just like drawing cute stuff and these are the movies I love.

I've always loved genre and cult film. I basically grew up watching Big Trouble in Little China and Repo Man on repeat. It's really fun to translate some of those characters into something that is the polar opposite of their foundation but still maintains their characteristics. I think there's something fun about being able to look at some of these drawings and maybe not understand what you're seeing at first, but then realize you're looking at O-Ren Ishii from Kill Bill with her scalp sliced off. I hope this doesn't mean I'm a sociopath.


Mass Hysteria! opens tonight at 7pm at Gallery 1988 and runs through February 28th. You can see a few examples of Torrence's work below and at his website, but he'll be debuting new work at the show as well.

Kill Bill:

Ghostbusters 30th:


The Good Guys, Heroes, Underdogs, & Hot Shots Picnic:


The Bad Guys, Villains, Miscreants & Low-lifes Campout:






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