Seriously. Who wants this on their mantlepiece? Except for maybe Arnold Schwarzenegger himself?

While harkening back to Schwarzenegger’s first appearance as the Terminator upon his naked, 1984 arrival in the first movie, this is actually based on the creepy CG Arnold that appeared in very much the same manner in Terminator Genisys. So not only are you buying a big ol’ slab of naked Schwarzenegger for your troubles, you’re not buying a big ol’ slab of naked Schwarzenegger from a good Terminator movie, but a very shitty one.


But yes, aside from that, you’re still going all-in on a 1:2 scale bust of pure, meticulously engineered Ahnold. As in, this is literally 14″ tall, 8″ deep and 6″ wide, and exquisitely details the actor’s gleaming pecs, right down to his Schwarzenipples. JUST TRY NOT TO LOOK AT THE SCHWARZENIPPLES.

Yeah, that’s the good stuff.

You’re gonna be thinking about those nipples as they loom over your desk/shelf/mantlepiece/wherever the damn hell you put your Arnold bust. They’re going to burn themselves into your very soul.


Should you wish that to happen, this bust will set you back $350, and you can pre-order it now.



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